Ghosts of the Sith

In the Rim, the power and influence of GRAND ADMIRAL RAMZAN BELIKOS continues to grow. His Imperial Stormtroopers have seized the planet ARAVEEN, terrorizing the locals in search for a piece of ancient technology with which to strike a deathly blow against the NEW REPUBLIC. Serving him ruthlessly is the Marshal ZEKMET DARYA, who has kidnapped an expert on Old Republic technology…

The Mule


Sal Sevag
Mayor-Chieftess Khutulun
Rosto Flax, well-connected merchant
AK-Z4, outlaw gunslinger droid
Ares Ventrak, big bearded Imperial officer

The Empire
Zekmet Darya
Professor Kiya Farshani
Commander Han Ortega
Arneefa Zarr, Stormtrooper

The Zabrak Tribes
Chief Drestane of the Burnt Claw Tribe
Corax, the son of Drestane, a giant, hulking Zabrak warrior
Barsok, proud half-Zabrak warrior of the Burnt Claw
Vortak, taunting Zabrak warrior of the Red Stripes


Planet Araveen
Sal Sevag
Ten Vares
Krenshar Basin
The Salt Fields

Rumors and Information

  • Krenshar Basin is in the hunting grounds of the Burnt Claw, a powerful clan who has not dared take action against the Empire
  • The Burnt Claw’s old allies, including the Red Stripes, have begun to resent them for their inaction
  • The Empire is encouraging infighting between the various clans to keep them from uniting
  • Taking advantage of the dissent, the Jawa are collecting heirlooms from fallen Zabrak warriors and selling them back to their families at outrageous prices
  • Han Ortega was on the verge of negotiating peace between the Burnt Claw and the Tall Fires with a peace treaty over the outer oases. Unfortunately, with the conquest of Krenshar Basin, the Burnt Claw cannot afford to relinquish these oases to the Tall Fires
  • Belikos sees the growing conflict between the Claws and the Fires as a useful way to rid the planet of the Zabrak altogether, and uses the Jawa to encourage it

Ghosts of the Sith

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