Araveen is a tomb world in the Arecima System, destroyed in ages past by constant warfare between the Old Republic and the Sith. Today, most of the planet is uninhabitable, and the rest is harsh and rocky desert, interrupted by strange rock formations and still bearing scars of planetary weaponry.

Nevertheless, Araveen has been settled by hardy Humans and Zabrak, who have long intermingled on the planet. The Zabrak tribes mostly live nomadically, taming huge lizards called zhalfek, with more brave members riding flying cliffracers. Most of the humans and some of the Zabrak live in cities serving as hubs and marketplaces for the wandering tribes and settled moisture farmers. These cities are frequently rough-and-tumble places.

Araveen still shows more dangerous scars of the old war, however. Firestorms rage across the planet abruptly and without warning, whipping up clouds of ash and igniting parts of the atmosphere. Plants live almost entirely underwater, meaning many water sources are filled with poisonous algae, refreshing the atmosphere but deadly to consume.

Araveen has been under Imperial control since the Clone Wars, but in the wake of the Emperor’s death, they have quickly worked to cast off their rule – and probably would have succeeded, if not for Ramzan Belikos strengthening the Imperials on the planet after his discovery on Svan-Tee IV.

Sites of Note:

The city of Sal Sevag
The city of Ten Vares
The Krenshar Basin


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