Age of Rebellion

Marion Tarrk Episode Two Part 4

Soldier's Code of Honour

Soldier’s Code of Honour
How did I end up here?

We conferred about what to do next, and Sloane asked Marion whether or not Ran would be useful to them. Marion had lied, saying no. Not because she actively tried to lie, but more so out of some sort of hidden code of honour between soldiers, and old friends. After their meeting Marion was going to look after her injuries, when Sloane confronted her about lying. Lied? Hmm. I guess I did… Not sure exactly why, I suppose I didn’t like the idea of using Ran. After clearing up the whole thing, it was decided that Marion would go meet Ran, and that she would attempt to get information out of her. She contacted Ran, who seemed to be very happy to meet up. Ran suggested martial fights, she had previously mentioned as one of her interests.

Marion took some time deciding what to wear. Being in uniform would be a bit odd, but she didn’t like the idea of going too casual, her blue coat was fitted above, of course. And with that, Marion made her way to the legal fighting arenas of the area. She was there early, as was her way, even though she knew Ran’s way was to be late. Ran showed up, in a beautiful red lacquered skin coat. Some of the people here seemed to know her. The matches hadn’t started yet, so they simply carried conversation. The subject quickly circulated on what they did after the ordeal that left them without a team. Ran became stationed here, working for Skeelos, indirectly, and simply remained working for him when the empire collapsed. Marion began speaking of what she did, but the subject quickly focused down on the massacre of the Zabraks, as one was going to fight in the ring. About this time, Marion noticed that a familiar Zabrak had entered the establishment, and taken a seat right behind her. The fight began, and their conversation continued, if a bit less, being somewhat focused on the match as well.

After the match’s conclusion, with the Zabrak winning, the conversation began anew. And Marion began her attempts to get information out of Ran, but Ran caught on, whether Marion is just a terrible liar, or she wanted to be caught, is difficult to say. Ran demanded that Marion come clean about her affiliations, and what she was doing. I didn’t want to do this… This is WHY I didn’t want to do this. Lying to a friend is too painful… I have to tell her. Marion told her about how she was still fighting , and how she was sent on an assignment here to see what the three parties are hiding, and which one is on the payroll of the Empire. Ran seemed a bit stunned at first, but seemed to calm down, and even seemed positive to the idea of aiding her. But, before Marion could get confirmation on this theory, the Zabrak behind her piped up. He seemed to have caught on to who she was. By her own retelling, it seems he wanted to mate with her, and to prove himself worthy he would fight her. _ While flattering, I guess, I wouldn’t say I’m interested in him, though.._, Marion thought to herself, while looking for the words to respond. Whatever response she made, had little impact of the zabrak, as he pushed away Ran, and lunged at Marion. A fierce fight broke out, where Ran aided Marion, who had pulled her vibroknife. How did I end up in this mess?, she thought to herself. While fighting she hurt the zabrak grievously, but ultimately he got the better of her and knocked her out.

The next thing Marion knew, she woke up in an apartment. Her vision foggy, her hearing mumbled. She heard a shower going in the room, which stopped as she started fidgeting. Her wounds had been looked after. Soldier patchwork…, she thought to herself. Ran stepped out of the shower, and told Marion to rest. How did I get here?, she asked Ran. Ran explained that after the zabrak had knocked her out, she knocked him off the upper ledge, potentially knocking him out. After that she had picked up Marion, and brought here her, to her apartment. Marion was still a bit wobbly, so Ran helped her clean up. Marion told Ran she was of the Resistance, and asked her to join. Ran declined the offer, saying that she had no intention of continuing the fighting. However, she did sign up to help Marion looked up Skeelos, and gave Marion valuable intel on Skeelos’ factory. She was also told to keep a low profile, hence why Ran had thrown away her communicator. Ran had also gotten rid of her clothes, and lent Marion some of hers.

And with that Marion left to report her findings to Sloane and Vic. They had believed to have died, as Vic explained that her communicator was last located in a trash compactor. Marion gave an inappropriate smirk, being impressed with Ran’s thoroughness. But Marion explained what happened, and how Ran had helped her. She continued to say that Ran had agreed to help them. And so, planning to break into Skeelos’ factory could continue, with valuable information aiding the team greatly. Yet, Marion was worried about what would come of Ran. I’ve not heard good things about what happens to those who betray anyone of the Black Sun, former or otherwise. She conferred with Sloane about what to do, and given Ran’s assistance, it seemed that Sloane had an idea.


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