The Shadow Concordance

It is a time of civil war. The planet CORUSCANT is torn between the forces of the NEW REPUBLIC and the GALACTIC EMPIRE. In the midst of this chaos, the businesswoman REEV CHANDRAS is rebuilding the planet’s factories, under heavy stress while war rages around her. The Republic has sent out its agents to investigate her contractors – knowing that one of the prospective sellers works for RAMZAN BELIKOS, Grand Admiral of the Empire…

Cover Story

The agents are undercover as experts from “Skaven Health & Safety Inspection”, a company meant to investigate the prospective sellers. They must go above and beyond the line of duty to find the true allegiance of the contractors, however.


Reev Chandras, President of Core Construction
Malkos Ryuga, CEO of Durastar Industries
Rangi Skeelos, former Black Sun gangster, CEO of Gundark Inc.
Princess Vayet of Koru Neimoidia

The Underworld
Vyytak Zarvady, Zabrak gangster
Twitch, Rodian mercenary
Dizzy, Human mercenary
Malo Drem, robot-armed human thug
Grombak, gamorrean pit fighter
Liitara, twi’lek cyborg pit fighter working for Zymaltech

The Empire
Commander Hadrian Mossak, Belikos’s subordinate
Mos Amedda, Imperial Grand Vizier

The Shadow Concordance

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