Rules Changes From Beta

The following is a list of rules that have changed in the final version of the game, or that we’ve misunderstood/mishandled during the early game.

Performing a second maneuver, of any kind, costs 2 Strain. This includes moving. You may move twice at the cost of 2 Strain. (Some skill checks may still grant a free extra maneuver). Maneuvers hard-cap at 2/turn. Moving beyond Medium range costs 2 Maneuvers.

Aim is ruined by doing anything other than aiming or firing, including other Maneuvers.

Drawing a weapon is always a Maneuver.


Attacking a target that’s currently in melee with an ally upgrades the difficulty (1d8 becomes 1d12). Additionally, if a Despair is rolled, an ally is hit instead of the enemy.

Making a melee attack vs. an opponent who’s recently performed a ranged attack adds 1d6 (blue die).

Wounds and Damage:

A character is only knocked out if they take more damage than their wound threshold – equaling it is fine.


The Stun setting of blasters can only deal damage at up to Short range, and is ineffective beyond that.

Additional House Rule: Fatigue

When at more than half Strain threshold, characters suffer one extra black die from weariness. To compensate for this fatigue penalty, characters are not instantly knocked out when Strain threshold is exceeded – instead, they suffer three black dice at this state, a condition called “exhausted”. Exhausted characters immediately pass out if they suffer any more strain.

Exhaustion ends as soon as the character dips below their Strain threshold, and Fatigue as soon as they dip below half Strain threshold.

Rules Changes From Beta

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