Rise of the Conqueror

After the fall of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, two Rebel spies found themselves searching for the spy DINAH TALO, on the planet Arsheek. After trying to negotiate with NADDO THE HUTT for information about her, with the aid of a motley crew they staged a prison break. However, the forces of GRAND ADMIRAL BELIKOS arrived just in time to take them aboard the ship, forcing them into service on SVAN-TEE IV, where they discovered an ancient temple, belonging to the JEDI


Planet Arsheek
Naddo the Hutt, hutt
Reelo, Rodian bounty hunter, deceased
Shorat, Duros smuggler of the Space Butterfly
Zeelax, cantina owner
Tavik Mendez, scoundrel
M1-D9, “Mandy”, enormous combat droid
Ramato, Bothan merchant
Vipp, female Rodian, involved with Mendez
Messalus Nox, smuggler
Jae-Woo Rattik, Imperial lawyer, taken aboard Belikos’ ship

Planet Svan-Tee IV
Yuutok, shaman of the Darfellan people

Captain Serano of the Empire, hero of the Shadow Council

Rise of the Conqueror

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