Revenge of the Stormtroopers

The war for the Galaxy continues. On the planet RAKAA IV, the forces of the NEW REPUBLIC struggle against a remnant faction of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, known only as STORMFORCE. These dangerous soldiers make life hell for the colonists of Rakaa, but worse, the Grand Admiral RAMZAN BELIKOS has now turned his eye upon the colony… and seeks to wipe it out.


Administration (Faction)

Governor Banu Goshasp, Chandrilan noblewoman
Lexey Lee, her boyfriend
Brenx Raveem, quartermaster
Calo Syd, head of security
Zatveega, Twi’Lek enforcer

Ithorian Church (Faction)

High Priest Quahp Chuwmurlq

Merchants (Faction)

Seilandra Vendi, Zeltron cantina owner
Yuuzhak Talverr, supercilious Falleen medical merchant
Tor’raan Rask, Gran food merchant

Burning Diamond Gang (Faction)

Sameena, female Duros gangster frequenting cantinas in the docks
Yasmee Telari, dangerous Burning Diamond gangster in prison

Colonists (Faction)

Eddar Odell, rustic farmer, unwilling leader of the colonists’ gang
Meezot, fast-talking Devaronian small-time crook


Kyrios Moto, grizzled Stormtrooper commander.
Leana Tarrk, Imperial officer


Rakaa IV

Marion’s Team is tasked with locating the Stormforce base down on the planet. A few Imperial geothermal generators have been discovered, which could pose a point to begin the search. The New Republic can’t afford to send forces to the planet until there’s proper intelligence, as there are other, more densely populated core worlds still in bad need of soldiers.

Team Members: Marion Tarrk, Lye Xomae, Jaxx, Vetko Slorren

Corran’s Team faces a different dilemma. Teharu is built by Ithorians, but the operation is managed by a human named Banu Goshasp, from a powerful Chandrilan family. She’s well-connected, rich and powerful – and according to intelligence uncovered from the Black Comet, a traitor to the Republic. Unfortunately, there isn’t any solid evidence, and the suspicions must be confirmed before taking action against her.

Team Members: Corran Sloane, Cheol-Su Wen, AR-47

Revenge of the Stormtroopers

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