Improved Agitator Talents

Design philosophy: Reward smart choices, and make Agitator talents somewhat more active, rather than just passively removing obstacles to the die pool. Unless otherwise noted, these upgrades are mutually exclusive with the base abilities of the Talent – you either use the base effect or the “bonus effect”, never both at once.

Talent Bonus Effects

Plausible Deniability
If you have access to non-obvious information about the mark, add (Blue Die) to Coercion and Deception checks. The maximum amount of (Blue Die) is determined by the rank of this Talent, although the GM may limit the amount if the secret intelligence is not very significant. Example secrets appropriate for this Talent include blackmail material, secret handshakes or pass-codes of an organization, phobias or similar exclusive information. Note, however, that you need not reveal this openly – the mere knowledge of the mark’s secrets informs your behavior, allowing you to subtly alter your approach accordingly.

NORMAL: Secret information must typically be used overtly (and be obviously applicable) to earn (Blue Die).

Street Smarts
If you have spent some time (a few hours or more) socializing with local criminal elements during this session, you gain (Blue Die) per rank of this Talent to all Streetwise and Knowledge (Underworld) rolls in the area. The criminals needn’t be very important; even if all they know is vague rumors, you suss out the important parts. Note: Not all criminals may play nice with you, and getting to join their game of cards or round of blue milk might require a roll in itself.

NORMAL: Contacts capable of providing (Blue Die) must normally be criminals of some note, or with direct expertise in the field you’re learning more about.

Convincing Demeanor
If you are unarmed and otherwise apparently not a threat, add (Blue Die) per Rank in this Talent to all Deception and Skulduggery checks. This may require a change of costume in some cases and typically requires you to approach the situation alone, unless your friends also seem particularly safe and non-dangerous.

NORMAL: Disguises and props must typically be tailored to the situation to provide (Blue Die). With this talent, so long as you don’t appear to be a threat, NPCs tend to overlook that you don’t blend in perfectly.

Nobody’s Fool
Instead of upgrading the difficulty of incoming Charm, Coercion or Deception rolls, you may spend one Destiny Point to make a Skill Roll first – effectively interrupting the “attacking” character with an argument of your own. If you fail, or if the other character continues trying in spite of your success, this Talent offers no protection against their argument. Note that the Skill used can be Ranged (Light) or similar if you really don’t want to hear what they have to say.

Instead of downgrading the opposition’s dice, you may spend Strain to turn (Blue Die) into (Green Die), to a maximum number of dice equal to your Ranks in Intimidating. Note that you must first have (Blue Die) to upgrade; this talent provides none in itself.

Improved Agitator Talents

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