Age of Rebellion

Marion Tarrk Episode 3 Part 4
Local Kindness

Local Kindness
One good deed deserves another

Marion would say that in her life she had made two very clear mistakes, that she regrets. The first was to not give up against the Jedi, and the second was to believe that her mother was a reasonable person. Many would argue that going into an alien jungle alone, with little chance to survive, in order to attempt to rescue her sister, would be a third. But Marion knew: Whether I live or die… I have to try, or I won’t be able to sleep at night.. She left bright and early, she only had time to convey her orders to her team. Take the good scientist back to the city, take no risks. A bit hypocritical, as she was taking an immense risk. Her team supplied her with the supplies they had left, that wouldn’t be necessary to get back. The scientist even gave her his radar-compass. She accepted and left.

The journey was long and harrowing. The journey itself bled away in her mind, and her thoughts turned to her sister. She hadn’t seen her since Leana left the academy, to train under officers back… Marion couldn’t remember how long it was. Every time she sat down to take a breather, she took out the holoprojector. Does Leana still believe our parents were right?, she thought to herself. She was always a trusting fool… Doesn’t matter, I just can’t believe she might be alive. The terrain was treacherous, Marion came across similar flooding in areas as the team did on the way to the generator, she was able to learn that this was because of the shape of the trees. The big flower-like leaves at the top gather a great deal of water before giving way, and sploshing all the water down on the same spot, basically. The ground was too wet to traverse, so she elected to climb up one of the trees to see if there was an other way. And as luck would have it, this planet’s greenery was similar to Kashyyyk. So, Marion started walking across the big system of branches that was spanning across. It became harder to navigate, as she couldn’t walk in an as straight a path, and had to take more detours, and make more selections about her path, but she soldiered on. Where am I even going?, Marion thought to herself, as she set out on more and more alien paths.

She continued until dusk started to set, she pressed on until the light was all but gone. It was difficult to tell exactly how much sunlight was left, due to the thickness of the canopy. She managed to find a suitable place to bunker down for the night, but before she could set up properly she heard sometime. A wounded native was whimpering not too far from her. She had her sights set on it, should it display hostile action. But it stumbled along, until it slumped down. Marion, despite her better judgement, was in a very specific mindset, and went over to check on it. It seemed to be completely out cold, perhaps dead, Marion thought. As she came closer, she realised that it was still breathing… But it was bleeding profusely. Marion looked at her medical supplies. Where am I even going with this? I mean, I know what I want to do, but should I? I might need these supplies., she thought to herself, as she already started rummaging through the supplies, and began to do what she could to stop the bleeding, and apply bandages. That’ll do… I’m out of bandages, better avoid breaking any legs or getting shot., she chuckled to herself, shaking her head. What am I doing? Well, what’s done is done. She returned to her own little camp, and set in for the night.

The next morning Marion woke up with a spear to her throat. She reached for her weapon in panic, as the spear shrugged back. She was able to get her weapon halfway up, when she realised that she was surrounded by the natives. Shit, now what?!, she was looking around in panic, trying to think of something to do. When the closest, also incidentally the biggest, native motioned for something. Marion had no reference to understand what it meant. But he pointed over to a smaller one further back, flanked by other natives, was the one she had helped. She smiled, He looks much better… Why do I even care?, she bit back at herself. At the recognition of the injured one, the bigger one seemed to calm down slightly. What? They seem to have some sort of family relationship… Are they… Grateful? A series of charades began. Marion was able to relay that she was not a friend of the stormtroopers, and that she was going there to attack… Or at least, she thinks that’s what she said. Also, that 3 more of her team was in the jungle, on their way back to the city. The big native seemed to suggest that they would die alone in the jungle. Marion attempted to motion, to see if she could recruit the natives to aid them. The response confused her, but it didn’t seem like they were opposed to the idea. And as they left, Marion thought to herself as she set up her communicator; Perhaps they are not that different, after all… One good deed deserves another?, she pondered, as she contacted Jaxx and tried to explain what had just happened. Jaxx seemed confused, understandably… Hopefully, I didn’t just tell them to let down their guard against an enemy. Jaxx is a soldier, though… He should be more careful than that., she thought to herself, geared up and left her make-shift camp.

The compass told her one way, but the natives had pointed a slightly different path. Marion decided to gamble on her newfound friends. It payed off, they had pointed to the battlefield, where they had fought Stormforce, and a speeder was, mostly, intact among the wreckage. This speeder took her most of the way. It was pretty broken all-in-all, but ran her all the way to a sheer cliff, where the compass started spinning around. The base itself was inside sculpted out of the cliff, to get natural cover from the mountainside. She climbed down to enter the base, and began sneaking around. However, before finding out where her sister was she encountered stormtroopers. They managed to shoot her. She elected sense, before panic, and dropped her weapon, raising her hands and said her name was Marion Tarrk. The soldiers knocked her out.

She woke up tied up, hanging from the mountain ceiling, in only her underwear. Marion was reminded of when she, briefly, captured by the zabrak’s during the war against them. They had done something similar. We’re supposed to be more civilised, than this, I thought?, shaking her head, she was reminded again of just how far the Empire had fallen. Kyrios Moto met her eyes. He asked her what this important message was. When she said that the message was for Leana, and not him, he laughed and asked again. Marion, in a demonstrative effort swung with all her might, to catch him with her legs, and repeated herself. Leana joined them. Marion couldn’t believe her eyes… So Leana was truly with this psychopath, then. She explained the situation. Kyrios laughed, and had his men check on it. Marion ignored Kyrios during the conversation, and spoke only directly to Leana. This was a mistake, she had given up her weakness… Kyrios didn’t threaten to hurt Marion, nor did he threaten to kill her… He threatened to rape Leana. No… He would do it, too… I can see it in his eyes. I won’t let him!, Marion lashed out in anger, trying to swing to him again, but was stopped… And something stirred in her heart, she offered all the information she could muster for him to leave her alone. DAMN! I played right into his trap… But I couldn’t… I can’t sacrifice Leana., Marion cursed at herself for her weakness. What have I done…?, tears began forming in her eyes, but she kept them back, she didn’t want Kyrios to see how hurt she was. Kyrios informed her that the suns here are quite warm, and that the UV radiation is quite harmful, wishing her luck in the morning…

Marion Tarrk Episode 3 Part 3
The Trek Through the Jungle

The Trek through the Jungle
This isn’t the way

The next morning the team got up bright and early, and set out. The jungle ahead of them was getting thicker and darker. They came across a field that was flooded. Going around would take much too long. But going through will not be without risk., Marion contemplated their options, but elected to go through the flooded field. As such, they had to traverse the root system. Marion fell and had to contend with a big toad-like creature. This entire ordeal, made her think of a mission she had with Ran, and their company. They were going through a swampland, much less dangerous than Marion’s current location. Ran truly hated the wetness, and the humidity. I found it rather pleasant though, which annoyed her to no end., Marion smiled to herself, but quickly stopped remembering Ran’s current predicament, and her own situation. They got through the wetlands, and into a much thicker part of the jungle.

Navigating through this thick area was very difficult, and Marion often had to re-adjust her course. Partway through the thick foliage, the team comes across a path, a straight path, that was completely cleared. They figured that this was likely a path that stormforce had carved. This isn’t the way, but it’s easier to follow… It’ll take us close enough., Marion thought, as she compared the path to the compass. They decided to follow the path, and before long they found a crashed speeder, and some corpses. Looking around Marion found a holoprojector. The image recorded was of her parents. …Leana… Here?, Marion thought to herself. She shook her head, it could just be some fans, she calmed herself down, reminding herself that they were famous, back in the day.

They followed the path until they got close to the generator. They began sneaking in the foliage again, to avoid being seen too early. They got some natives on their tail, and Marion chose to drag them into fighting the stormtroopers. The field outside of generator was littered with high intense geysers. The fight was harrowing, but the team managed to get into the generator proper. Ones inside, the team took a breather, and Dr Slorren got to work. They discussed Kyrios, and it became known that him and an officer named Leana Tarrk had a relationship, Marion revealed that Leana was her sister, and that she had found a holoprojector with their parents. Slorren worked through the night, while the team went to sleep, keeping watch.

The next morning the doctor looked over Marion’s wounds, and explained what he had done. He had set the generator to self destruct. Not protocol, damnit!, Marion thought to herself, but managed to calm herself. It seems his plan would take out a sizeable chunk of the stormforce troopers. Potentially including Leana… I have to save her., Marion decided for herself, and informed the rest of the team. She briefed the team, and they, reluctantly, agreed. They supplied her with their stimpacks, and she set off into the jungle again, alone.

Corran Sloane, Episode III: Revenge of the Stormtroopers, Part 2
Opening Night

I briefly debated with myself if I should check up on Marion or not, there was obviously nothing I could do about her situation and there was no sense in having Sidland Rowker take an interest in a New Republic soldier. But he could take an interest in drumming up good PR for his opening by inviting “the hero of the day” and I reasoned that she might have information that could be useful to my investigation.

With that I decided to take a brief detour by the Ithorian hospital and went in to see her, idly wondering how much of her body would still be attached to her after taking a shot from an attack vehicle at close range. To my surprise she was seemingly all in one piece, more so than usually, and mostly looked bored and impatient.

It seemed as though the reporting of the attack had been “edited” with a degree of artistic freedom. Having to experience this type of fake news as a consumer rather than the one fabricating it was becoming increasingly irksome. Nonetheless, I confirmed that she was no longer on leave and then, more loudly, graciously invited her to my new Cantina. I was somewhat pleased that it had taken her quite some time to recognize me, even with some prodding. Good, if she didn’t recognize me then it seemed likely that no one would ever know that Corran Sloane ever set foot Rakaa IV and in some sense I suppose he never had.

I left the hospital without learning much besides that Marion had been called in on a mission out in the jungle, but it still meant one less thing to worry about. I returned to my apartment only to be verbally assaulted by my bodyguard. Apparently she was not used to how agents like myself operated and as realization dawned on her, she like most people, looked at me with a mixture of jealousy and contempt. But unlike most, I also saw a hint of pity.

I shifted the increasingly awkward conversation to explain my current plan, and soon we began preparing for our big opening night. Things proceeded well and Cheol-Su opened up the place right on time. I had worked as a bartender during an extended mission once, but never a cantina owner, but things seemed to be going well. AR-47 and the bartender droid from my apartment were put to good use serving the customers and all I had to do was to mingle and more importantly, wait.

A jittery Devaronian man named Meezot approached me, warning me about investing in better security; he was vague but pointed out a few individuals who might take offense to my new establishment. The Burning diamonds had finally arrived and thanks to the Devaronian I got an early warning. Three men began pushing through the crowds while a group of five began swarming Cheol-Su. The guests had arrived and it was time to get to work.

I took cover behind the counter and almost immediately one of the men coming towards me threw a stun grenade at me, luckily it was a dud but it quickly brought home the point that these people were not your standard ill-equipped thugs, but thugs with access to military grade weaponry. I did not want to give him another chance to try out his other grenade and shot him down. While my attention was on him however, a large Gran came charging at me while his partner took pot shots at me from the crowd. One shot managed to disarm me and as the Gran moved in to finish me off I pulled back my other blaster and shot him down.

Then there was the now lone gunman, he seemed brighter than I thought and began to run. Luckily Cheol-Su was just mopping up the last of the brutes attacking her and blocked his way, leaving me with a clear shot on him, taking him out. Soon afterwards, the cantina was back to full swing, the guests even more eager to spend their credits after the ‘entertainment’.

Cheol-Su pulled the thugs out back and the Devaronian approached me again, seemingly impressed by what he saw. He volunteered to get me in touch with a rival gang of sorts, who might be willing to fight for me. While waiting for the contact I excused myself to deal with our guests. They did not seem to know much of value, so instead I made sure they would not bother me again during the mission. Normally in situations like these I would simply kill them, but I didn’t want to create unnecessary tension with the priests and instead opted to send a message and shot them each in the knees, taking them out of the fight for the foreseeable future.

The thugs were sent off and soon afterwards the man that Meezot had set me up with arrived. Eddar Odell, leader of the colonist “gang” was a rustic, down to earth kind of man, seemingly with little patience for nonsense and politics. He viewed his people as ‘good, honest folk’ who, like him, lost their homes and livelihood due to Stormforce. It was odd, the grizzled old man had something almost innocent about him.

And I, almost by reflex, immediately set about to use that against him.

Corran Sloane, Episode III: Revenge of the Stormtroopers, Part 1
Sidland Rowker, at your service

Sloane, Corran
Formerly of the Imperial Security Bureau,
Commission for the Preservation of the New Order

Rakaa IV

The time spent since the affair on Coruscant was largely peaceful and uneventful, by design and not by accident. I kept mostly to my room working. The arrest of the crew of The Dagger of Koru was where the assignment ended and the actual work began. Now there was the matter of cataloging the loyalist’s friends, families and other ties that could be traced to find others tied to Belikos and hopefully find clues into what Belikos was planning.

Annoyingly, my crippled hand slowed down my productivity somewhat but as the days went on and with some rehabilitation spent in the firing range I eventually regained full use of it. I learned that SL- 1517 was shipped off to Rakaa IV on leave, presumably to visit her friend who we shipped off there. Good, this meant that she would likely be out of my hair for a while.

I had begun to rely on her in the last mission and that line of thinking is dangerous. Don’t ever form ties with those you work with, I, if anyone, should know that. Thankfully with her gone, that was no longer a concern. Similarly, I heard that Xomae had joined The New Republic as well after I had given my report on her. Thankfully she did not approach me after she had enlisted and I was left to my own devices. Eventually the Director called me in regarding one of the leads we had received from Grand VIzier Canay. He claimed that the governor of Rakaa IV, Banu Goshasp was also in league with Belikos and planned to have the “Stormforce” guerrilla troops stationed there take out the colony and rejoin with Belikos. The Vizier was a coward but not an idiot, an excellent combination for a captive since they are generally willing to tell you everything they believe might save them. Because of this, as well as some concerning developments within the colony it was deemed as credible. The problem of course was to prove it; the governor was from an influential family and the New Republic could not simply get rid of her without political backlash. They needed proof.

That was my new assignment. I was to infiltrate the colony as Sidland Rowker, entrepreneur extraordinaire. I gathered AR-47 and met up with Cheol-Su aboard The Skaven. She had already gotten into costume as my vixen bodyguard, along with tacky clothes and armour. I had to give it to Command, she was perfect for the role.

She bantered about SL- 1517, as far as we knew she was still on Rakaa IV but there should be no reason for us to meet up unless there was some sort of emergency. The trip was spent for the most part in silence; I was arranging my clothes and getting into character. As the ship landed, Sidland Rowker was ready. I had prepared a suitable arrangement of personality quirks, speech patterns and mannerisms and buried my own.

Rowker was high on life and ready to go, but first he had to go to work. We went to visit our contact on the planet, High Priest Quahp Chuwmurlq, an old little Ithorian man, who gave me the run of the land. At first I thought he was just another one of his pacifist idealistic congregate but he warned me that he cared about the life of the people here and assured me they had ways to make me regret it if I ended up killing him. With that, the old man grew on me, while also mentally noting down that he might have a reason to think I might end up looking into his people.

I then left with Cheol-Su to inspect our apartment; she seemed pleased and happily pointed out that I could slap her ass if it meant her staying there. Definitely the right soldier for this assignment. I waited with taking her up on her offer and instead Sidland Rowker went out to “meet the people”. I began small, and slowly built momentum until we had a small crowd of partygoers, and eventually this led me to be invited to what seemed to be the most influential cantina on the planet, run by a Zeltron woman named Seilandra Vendi.

She was the perfect source of information as she almost seemed to take pride in sharing as much gossip as possible. What she said about the recent rise of the “burning diamond gang” and their possible ties to the governor was interesting and something worth investing further. At first I considered ways to position myself somehow in her cantina, but it would be too far away from the gang activity proper. Instead I ended up being the new host of her new cantina down in the slum quarters, in the middle of the ongoing gang violence. We began hashing out the business agreements and as the night went on it was clear that we had both bought the other for the night as part of the business agreement.

We tested each other, measured how far the other was willing to give and support and how much they were going to take. In the morning we finalized the agreement and so I went to prepare to start a gang war.

As I left her apartment there was just one thing that was nagging at me at the back of my head, something else Vendi had said during the previous night. A New Republic agent throwing herself in front of Ithorian priests and saving them from one of Stormforce’s attack vehicles. A New Republic agent foolishly throwing herself in the way of danger…

“Marion, what have you done?”

Corran Sloane, Episode II: The Shadow Concordance, Part 5

The next day, while Marion was still in her tub, I set out to make preparations; supplies, concealments and after some thought, I arranged some basic black sun disguises, better to have Skeelos blame them than us.

Me and Vicrushakal kept ourselves busy going through the news and potential leads on our investigation. Although I was annoyed with the Zabrak for immediately causing a disturbance like last night after having vouched for him, it did seem as though Zarvady had kept his end of the bargain and had helped Durastar and the New Republic reclaim a lot of territory. The Neimoidians had kept themselves busy and began working with others on planet while waiting for the verdict and Skeelos had apparently shipped in more foodstuffs to his factories.

This supported my earlier theory regarding Skeelos using slave labour and made his operations look increasingly shadier, sadly that in turn made him look like a less likely candidate for the empire to pick unless they were desperate. Why would they risk using slave labour when exposure would immediately ruin their plans, then there was the fact that that Xomae was sent to fake an attempt at the president’s life while wearing gear that could be traced back to Skeelos. Something was off about this, but the only way to learn for sure was to follow through and see what Skeelos had to hide.

We set out at night and set up an ambush on one of Skeelos’ trucks. It was a messy ordeal but we managed to neutralize the driver and claim the truck. Marion took the wheel while I and Vicrushakal hid ourselves beneath the rocks and ore shipped off for processing; already the face covering black sun helmets were paying off.

It was unpleasant ride but not any worse than others I’ve been on and before long we arrived at the gates. Thankfully the guides seemed disinterested and undisciplined, and didn’t make a proper scan and waved Marion in as soon as she used Ran’s ID card.

Then we waited, we heard the sound of a heavy door opening, some beeping, some indistinct conversation, and then finally a blaster shot. That was our signal and we began digging ourselves out and exited the vehicle. Strange, the factory was still operating seemingly at full output even during the night. Vicrushakal began working on the computers but it seemed as though they were cut off from most of the outside and didn’t even find plans for the factory, he did however find a list of those working and it was filled with unregistered workers and other unknowns.

Sadly this meant we did now have a map of the layout and thus couldn’t use the maintenance tunnels to get around without risk of getting lost or worse. Thus we decided to continue through the reactor room? which we knew was guarded by two driods. Marion had volunteered as bait to draw the droids fire but I thought it more prudent to stop her from willfully throwing herself in front of blaster fire for once. Droids like people are easily deceived if you know how and thus it should be easier to draw their fire in other ways.

Thankfully Marion had not killed the guard but simply stunned him, good, he still had a steady heat signature. We tied the man to his chair and I pushed him along with us and as we entered the room, I pushed the man In front of the droids, two turrets, and had him draw the droids fire. I ran up to the power cores for cover and to stay out of their line of vision while Vicrushakal set out to cut off security so as to not alert the guards.

The distraction worked for a while, but they seemed unusually focused for mere droids and didn’t fall for the tricks that usually worked on their models. Unfortunately this meant that Marion seemed to go back to her earlier plan to draw their fire, and draw their fire she did. The turrets bombarded her with a barrage of blaster rounds, throwing her off the ground, she ran towards the power core where I had taken cover but remained out in the open drawing their attention. She was going to get herself killed like that. Vicrushakal had managed to cut the droids off from the rest of the system but they were still hailing blaster rounds at us.

The time for subtle deception was over, and so I began to leg it, if I could get to the door I might make it seem as though the threat had left the area. But I was too slow, and I took as nasty hit to the side as a reward. Things began to look quite bleak when finally Vic turned the things off, then rebooted them to follow us instead.

Marion was battered and visibly shaken, but was still moving, that was something at least. Regardless of what the New Republics say about them, Stormtroopers conditioning was nothing to sneeze at. Vic had gotten the plans for the area and thus allowed us to move more stealthily across the facility, we reached a path that would take us past a working furnace. The noise was too loud but it seemed as though Marion wanted to investigate it, it seemed foolhardy, especially with her injuries but if she thought she could do it, we might as well let her and learn something.

We waited and just about the time it seemed prudent to look for her, she came back with a scowl on her face. We continued on and when we were in the clear she explained that they were indeed using slaves and that the guards were on edge after having captured someone snooping around.

We continued on and went to the elevator that would take us to the Security Center. While Vic began working on accessing the elevator, two guards came along patrolling. Marion and I were ready for them and we picked them off with one shot each. Then we dragged their bodies with us and made our way up.

A single soldier stood at salute, assuming we were his superior. I shot him dead as Marion went to attack a fiber glass barrier, keeping us from the control system. Vic began working on the door of the place but the operatives inside began preparing turrets to gas us. I picked up one of the bodies and together with Marion charged the crack she had made in the barrier, breaking through enough to let her get inside.

The guards were quickly dispatched of and Vic could turn off the gas before any damage was done. He then began accessing the system, it seemed to be going well but the transfer of that much data took time. Inside the room was a bounty coffer, similar to the one I borrowed from Twitch and since they apparently thought he was important, we decided to take him with us. It also gave us a reason why “The Black Sun” had attacked them. Me and Marion went ahead towards the roof while Vic focused on the data transfer. We didn’t get far though as we were stopped by the head of secrurity, Takuro Shem. We fired off a volley each and then Marion went into a melee with him. The fight was over quickly with Marion kicking the officer from the roof. Marion went to help Vic and I continued on preparing a ride for us.

I joined up with the others and Marion took the controls. Skeelos’ men had sent an attack vehicle after us. The ride was…. distressing but through various pipes and some minor crashes, we were out and about, back on the streets of Coruscant. It seemed as though being a passenger of Marion would always be somewhat nerve wracking, but there could be no doubt that she was an excellent pilot.

We returned to base and began to resuscitate the man we had brought with us. We took a short rest while we left him in the bacta tank and when he got back on his legs told us his name was Donar Belis, a New Republic officer who had gotten a tip by a floating protocol droid about Skeelos’ operations. He had gone to investigate but Shem had taken him out.

Talo had sent him there and at first it seemed it was to set Skeelos up, but as I learned more about his investigation it seemed more likely that she sent him there to get rid of him. He had noticed how the black comet had sabotaged and run competitors out of the running for months, and when I compared those areas with those the Neimoidians had later taken over, It was an almost perfect match. We had found the Belikos’s ally, now we needed to prove it.

Vic dialed me in to the Black Comet using the codes and frequency given to us by Zarvady, and Xomae and I pretended to be a Black Sun thug with information on the New Republic agents in the area. I knew that even if they didn’t believe me, they could not afford not to listen to me. I let the conversation go on as long as possible, and arranged a meeting with one of them.

Sadly Vic was unable to pin down the source but he did manage to track the ship they had sent down. We had to act quickly, Marion and Vic would investigate the ship while I kept their operative busy. I didn’t know what to expect or how many people they would send so made sure to call in Malo and Twitch. I arrived ahead of schedule and set up the disguise and waited.

Soon the contact arrived, a small droid floating around her, she too was disguised but there was no mistaking her; Agent Dinah Talo. I wasted a bit of time with petty taunts, pointing out that she had been reduced to handing over death sticks to bottom tier criminals but it didn’t take long for her to figure out who I was. She confirmed my suspicion of them working with the Neimoidians and we fell into easy bantering with one another. It was enjoyable while it lasted and I once again tried to make her see that the Empire had fallen, that there was no sense in joining whatever it was that Belikos was trying to accomplish.

She told me I had grown weak, and perhaps it was my mind playing tricks on me, but she seemed genuinely saddened by that realization. She once again mentioned my reaction to Marion’s torture and with that she realized what I had been doing, buying time. It was clear that there would be no convincing her, so I shot her. The hit only grazed her and she responded by delivering a nasty hit to my leg. I called in for Malo and Twitch and they kept her from going back towards the ship. She sent her droid to explode on me and the damn thing nearly blew my hand off.

That was the distraction she needed and made her escape, Malo and Twitch made valiant effort to try and find her but I knew it would be practically pointless, hell I could barely keep myself from going into shock due to the pain, much less go after a trained agent. Instead I contacted command and told them of the Neimoidians treachery and to make sure to keep them from entering hyperspace. Marion and Vic soon joined me and they were able to identify the real name of the Black comet: the Neimoidian escort ship The Dagger of Koru.

And that was that. Despite the two’s best effort they couldn’t hide their shock and disgust at my ruined hand. It was strange, despite the pain I had to keep myself from chuckling at their reaction and the situation itself. Still, I let a smile streak my face, I had beaten her. The game was over and yes, she had certainly come close to winning and yes, she might have ruined my hand and yes, I had had people to support me, but in the end results are all that matters. And she knew it.

More importantly of course, we had also completed our mission and as we made our report to base came to the conclusion that the best course of action was likely to lay claim to Skeelos’ operations and staff It with those slaves there willing to work there for an actual paying wage along with the Neimoidian workers that were deemed trustworthy as well as some potential assistance from Durastar who had played an important part in the war effort.

We were promoted to full agents and that was that. Skeelos had gone into hiding, Princess Vayet was deemed innocent of treason as it appeared as though Grand VIzier Otek Canay was the one organizing things behind her back. Still, she was ultimately responsible and it would likely set back the Neimoidian’s work to join the New Republic significantly.

As for me, I had the doctors patch up my hand. One of them had suggested that it would be easier to simply remove it and attach a mechanical substitute, but I explained to him that it was my hand and I had grown attached to it. It left a scar of course, and for a moment I entertained the idea of keeping it as something to remember Dinah by. I quickly scolded myself and had the doctors wipe it clean. No emotional attachments.

Which reminded me, I would make sure not to have myself partnered with SL- 1517 on the next assignment. Talo had been right, I was growing soft.

Marion Tarrk Episode 3 Part 2
The Native's Unrest

The Native’s Unrest
The plan never survives contact with the enemy

Marion spoke to command. However, the response what not what she expected. She could not get official orders, only, basically, a request. She quickly concluded that getting aid from the current governor of the system, would be difficult. She set up a meeting with the governor, to at least speak to her. She also figured she would meet with the ithorian high priest. The meeting with the high priest came first. This meeting was personal, as well as professional. After hearing about their culture, she wanted to pay her respects to the high priest himself. She had also seen similarities between how command spoke of the governor, and how agents speak about governors that they suspect are traitors… The difference being that the Republic is much more subtle, and less accusatory about it. The high priest had no official power to aid her, but seem to appreciate what her meeting represented. The agent in charge of the mission went to see him, as well as the actual leader. The meeting with the governor, on the other hand, went exactly as expected. Well, not quite. Marion thought the governor may have wanted to try and stop her, but she made it clear that she was not going to. With that, Marion returned to her team and geared up exited the city. The team was mostly ready, save for Xomea, who was administering her meds. This better not slow us down., Marion thought, but Xomea ensured her it would not. The scientist they were bringing was called Vetko Slorren, and was used to working with the Empire so Marion obviously got along swimmingly with him.

The only way out into the wilderness was by climbing down the side of the wall. This went went without issue. They started moving through the forest, but it was somewhat more dense than Marion had anticipated, so they went through a different path than she had planned, looking at the map. This should be fine, as well, Marion thought to herself, as there shouldn’t be any megabeasts up on this plateau. However, after some forced march they went found web traps. The local fauna that caused this, the natives of the planet, should normally not be up here. Marion thought it might be guerilla tactics from the storm troopers. A herd of beasts was coming toward the team, and some got caught in the traps. They split up to avoid the hunters coming behind the herd. Xomea went on her own, through the forest, while Marion lead the doctor and Jaxx. She managed to get them away taking a wide berth, and they were able to go pretty far ahead of the hunting party. Marion decided to go back, to check on Xomea. What am I doing? The plan never survives contact with the enemy… But I can’t leave anyone behind., Marion was unsure that was the best plan, but she decided to go back regardless. She made a mistake, however. She was unused to the terrain, and stepped on something that wasn’t exactly soundless, and alerted the natives to her presence. They say the plan never survives contact with the enemy, but this is just embarrassing!, Marion thought to herself.Two came towards her, but she managed to fight them off. She saw the natives start following some tracks. They were not Marion’s team’s footprints, but likely Xomea. Marion followed follow the tracks herself, until she came across a tree, that Xomea had likely scaled, with a native closing in on her. She engaged the native, and with Xomea’s help they took it down. They quickly left, and joined up with the rest of the team. They reached the cliff, and had to scale down. This time there was no harness to aid them, so they set up a rope. Marion also tied the doctor to herself, should he fall, she would… attempt… to catch him. They found a cave to rest in, for the night. Marion was commended by her leadership, and Xomea thanked her for coming back for her. But Marion knew, she had failed as a leader. She had gone back, alone. She put herself, and her team, in unnecessary danger. Even so, they turned in for the night.

Corran Sloane, Episode II: The Shadow Concordance, Part 4
Emotional Attachments

A soldier had lied to me, that’s always a sign that something bad was going to happen. Usually soldiers lie to save their own skin in one way or another, but when they lie about someone else, that’s usually far worse. That means that they are emotionally attached, thus a risk to the operation.

Learning what Skeelos was hiding from us seemed like the fastest way of learning if he was Belikos’ pawn or not. During our tour, we had barely seen any workers at the metal factories, and an unusually high amount of supplies seemed to be shipped in as well. This combined with the limited areas we were allowed to inspect clearly indicated that he was hiding something. I suspected, due to his past, that it meant he was dealing with slave labour, but it could also be something more directly related to our investigation. That was why gaining intel was so important and why Marion’s attachment could not be allowed to interfere.

I waited for Marion to begin her preparations for the operation, and confronted her about it. She seemed confused about what I was saying, as if she hadn’t even realized that she had done it. But after reflecting on it, she admitted her mistake and agreed to try and get her friend to help us get into Skeelos’ factory.

The plan was simple, Marion would meet with her friend and get as much information out of her as possible, then we would meet up at base and set out to infiltrate the factory and be out before dawn. As it seemed as though Marion’s task would take some time, I decided to keep myself busy as well. While Vicrushakal continued with background checks on the factory I made my way to some of the shadier areas of Coruscant.

I wanted to find more information about Lye Xomae that Ran had mentioned. She had gone into hiding but seemed to be making a living in some of the illegal fight clubs the planet had to offer. I had gotten a lead from Twitch about where to start looking, but Coruscant was big place, and I needed more help to narrow it down. It took some time, but finally I found the type of person I was looking for; a ‘Big Guy’, a man who knew he was big and tough, and made others aware of the fact, but also with enough brains and confidence not to be too full of himself. People like that tend to garner the respect of those around them, which usually also means they are up to date with most things of note around them. His name was Malo and I quickly made sure to befriend him.

I was in luck, he did indeed know about Xomae and she even had a fight starting fairly soon. Malo took me there and I let Twitch know where the fight was happening. We arrived at the club, if one could even call it that, it didn’t even have a name, and likely didn’t officially exist. Malo was cheerful and quickly began taking bets; I chipped in a few credits myself and made myself at home amongst Coruscants scum and villainy… as well as the Twi’lek girl who had gotten herself punched earlier that day aboard the Neimoidian personnel ship.

She confidently swayed her hips across the club, clearly showing the people around her that she was out of their league, and subtly insinuated being together with the meanest, scariest looking people around her when any of them made any advances. I wasn’t sure how much of it was the Twi’lek’s natural grace and how much was skill, but I had to admit, she was quite good. She settled outside the areas where the fighters were coming from and waited.
I didn’t have time to see what she was there for, because soon after she arrived, the fighters exited the arena. First was the apparent fan favorite, a heavily cybernetically enhanced Twi’lek woman named Liitara with robotic legs, next was a large gamorrean prodded along by jawas, and then finally Xomae made her entrance.

Malo had mentioned that those who lost were usually simply left there, only aided by those who felt they were worth the credit to save. Thanks to this, I was hoping that Xomae would lose, allowing me to simply take her with me rather than squeezing her for answers here. It started to seem unlikely however as after a short bout, Xomae cut Liitara down and began circling in on the gamorrean.

Their fight was far cruder and took both fighters out of the fighting area and in amongst the crowd. Xomae used the crowd to hide, leaving me face to face with the brute. It was not hard to distract him, and Xomae used the opportunity to strike him down. She turned to face me and asked what I wanted to speak to her about, the umbaran ‘mind reading’ in action. She did, it seemed, not read the mind of Liitara though, as she had recovered and skewered Xomae through the back, claiming herself victor of the fight.

Excellent. Right as I was about to pick up the umbaran, Liitara signaled to a group of thugs, all with cybernetic enhancements, all branded with Zymaltech’s logo. I had heard about them, apparently they recruited people into their gang by implanting them with bombs or similar devices, ensuring their loyalty and it seemed as though they had found their latest recruit.

I did not have much time to spare, I adjusted my identifications to have its photo resemble one of the thugs instead and as Marlo and I went near them, I bumped into him making it seems as though he had dropped it, right in front of Malo. Malo reacted just the way I hoped he would, accusing them of being ‘knarks’ and so the fight was underway. I picked up the ID and went around the commotion and shot the man carrying Xomae. I picked her up and began moving out but I got careless and got spotted at the last moment.

I got grazed by two of the Zymaltech’s blaster rounds before I could put him down. Then I made for my escape, I had gotten outside the club, but was still stuck alone in the slums dragging a bleeding woman with me. But, punctual as ever, Twitch arrived to join the fight, a few death sticks persuaded him to think differently and he let me use one of his bounty coffers where I could store Xomae. I patched her up best I could and then we were off.

I quickly learned that having Twitch drive me in a state regulated, hover moped was quite different from him driving me in a swoop bike, but as long as he didn’t kill us, we were safe. My carelessness had gotten myself hurt before an important operation, which was somewhat irksome, but all in all it was likely worth it. As we got near Twitch’s hangout I called Vicrushakal to have him drive us to the safe house. He answered the coms, but it was obvious something was wrong. “Marion is dead”.

Vicrushakal had lost contact with her some time ago and after tracking down the signal, found it inside a trash compactor. It took a moment for me to process the information. I had only known her for a few months so it wasn’t as though her death should be particularly relevant to me, beyond setting back our plans a bit. I had sent Stormtroopers to their death many times before this, there was no reason why this should be any different.

Yes, we had happened to save each other’s lives a few times during our assignments and yes, she was one of the last connections to the life I had before the empire fell, and yes, while occasionally aggravating and annoying, I didn’t hate her. But still, there was no reason why this should be any different.

I let the Twi’lek know that we would have to adjust our plans and get more information. Information on Skeelos and on whoever had killed Marion and how much about our operation they had figured out. The likely candidate was Talo but why would she risk her cover by killing a Stormtrooper? And how would she have known where to attack her?

No, there were too many unanswered questions and little point thinking about it. We settled Xomae inside the bacta tank where Marion had spent most of her time since arriving on the planet and went on to plan our next step. We didn’t make much headway, with little intel on the facility it would be difficult to pull off with just the two of us. I might be able to infiltrate the place as a new hire, but it would be difficult now that my face was known amongst them.

When the umbaran had recovered sufficiently we took her out of the tank and into the cell where we had stored Zarvady. We had removed her weapons and a series of chems she had on her, but as an assassin it was possible that she was still a threat, but I was in a foul mood due to the change of plans and my wound had started hurting a lot more and I was not in the mood to draw things out.

I went into the cell along with her but didn’t chain her up like I had the Zabrak. Intimidation would likely not get me very far with her, and I preferred that she would give me information freely. She eventually came to and seemed to catch on what was happening quite quickly.

In the interest of saving time I was as open as I could with her, which clearly surprised her. I told her who I was, what I was doing and what I needed her to tell me and, with a little bit of prodding, she complied. She was grateful to me for saving her from being forcefully recruited into Zymaltech and similarly to the cell’s previous occupant, she seemed weak against compliments and having her ego stroked, and before long she seemed to indicate that she was willing to stroke me back. I was unsure if this was a genuine response or a way for her to reassert a measure of control, sex being one of the best ways to do so.

Regardless of her reasoning, she seemed ready to help us and provided me with information about Skeelos as well as information about the black comet. They had been the ones who had contacted her and asked her to fake the attack on the president. She didn’t know anyone on board the ship, the only contact had been a modified protocol droid but after the attack they had cut off ties with her.

That was definitely relevant information, as she detailed her interaction with them, it seemed as though Agent Talo had been quite busy and it was likely that the black comet might not even be tied to the black sun at all, and only run by Belikos’ men. She promised to provide clearance codes and other assistance to go along with our frequencies if we helped her get revenge on Liitara. I promised I would set things in motion and left her cell.

I began debriefing Vicrushakal about what I had learned when Marion came waltzing in, battered and bruised but otherwise seemingly unconcerned about the current state of affairs. Apparently she had run into Zarvady and by the sounds of it, he had tried to court her by bashing her face in. I ordered her to tell us with what she learned, after which I pointed out that due to her inability to keep in touch and keep a schedule, the operation would have to be delayed until the following night.

Her incompetence had already cost us enough time and so she had better make up for it by getting herself ready inside the bacta tank. Indeed, once again emotional attachments had jeopardized the operation. We had to be detached to be able to make level headed decisions. Still, strangely, when I saw her making her way back into the bacta tank I noticed that my wound didn’t hurt as much anymore.

Marion Tarrk Episode 3 Part 1

What great timing.

Marion’s wounds were severe, and as such, it took quite some time to recover properly from. All she could think about during her recovery was Ran. She was also curious as to how things went after the mission, and all, but mostly Ran. She hadn’t been quite honest with Ran, or herself, during their encounters. At first there was the shock factor, of seeing her again. But even after that, she was on duty, she had a job to do. So, she wasn’t truly there. She was still on a mission.

As she was cleared, Marion requested some leave to visit Ran, in prison. She was told that Ran had been moved for her security. Marion quickly found out where, and chartered a route there. On the way there, she was calm and collected. However, as she got closer she got worried. What if Ran requested the isolation? Is me seeing her really okay? Does she think I abandoned her again?, these questions pummeled her mind until she was woken by the merchant she was flying there with. He confirmed that they were on time, and would be landing fairly soon.

Marion got off the shuttle, still heavy minded, but she pressed on. The merchant had recommended a cantina by name of Miss Vendi. Marion stopped by there first to set herself up with a room. Spartan living arrangements… I prefer it this way., Marion thought to herself, as she saw the small relatively empty room. She left speak to the administration, to figure out how visiting worked, and how she would go about it.

Marion took a shuttle down to the prison, that was on one of the lower platforms. Marion used her soldier training to calm herself down, and not let the worry get to her. She entered the prison, and went through all the procedures. Without really thinking about it, she did look about in a scouting fashion. The Ithorians, who otherwise crowded the administration she visited, seems to scarce to none here. Marion had heard that the Ithorian’s no longer had control of the prison. She was led into a room, empty beyond a table and two chairs. She waited for what seemed like forever, before Ran was led into the room. Ran’s shackles were disabled. Marion heart was pounding. Ran and Marion speak, at first a bit awkwardly, but they loosen up after a bit. They talked about the past, and about the present. But before they were cut off as they finally got the final words out. Great timing, Marion… Wasting all that time., Marion knew what Ran was going to say, because she felt the same.

Marion set up to volunteer on the fields where Ran worked as well. But before that, she needed rest. Marion took a seat in the cantina, before she went to sleep. While there, she met Sameena, a gangster, who also had friends in the prison. Marion kept sipping her drink, until it was time to go to bed.

The next morning, she went out to the fields. The ithorian priests preached words about growth, and how to make up for damage you caused… It rung true in Marion. Perhaps that’s what I’m trying to do, joining the New Republic?, Marion thought to herself, as she listened. She found gardening to surprisingly calming. At lunch she went on a stroll to find Ran. When she found Ran, she also saw some other prisoners that was very clearly setting away from Ran. Marion noticed a jewel tattoo on one of their backs. She remembered seeing this emblem before, it is the Burning Diamond Gang. They noticed her looking at them, and went up to her, confronting her. She wasn’t able to shake them off, and instead gave Ran the sign to circle around. They met up on the edge of a cliff. Ran confirmed Marion’s suspicion that those were the people Ran had fought. They spoke some more. And as they again, was getting to the heart of the matter… The Empire interrupted them, with an attack vessel coming in. The timing… Did they know a Republic Agent was here?… No they couldn’t have known…, Marion thought to herself. They turned to run. Marion tripping on a root, Ran coming back for her. They concluded that they run into the forest, to hide. But it seems both had the same idea. Damnit, Ran!, Marion thought as she was running by the tree line, making herself an easy mark, overlooking Ran doing exactly the same thing. The ship aimed itself at Marion, however. Marion saw her opportunity to evade… But. In front of her, an ithorian priest and some followers. Marion increased her speed, barreling into the ithorian knocking him into the woods, the shot hitting behind Marion knocking her into a tree.

Marion woke up in a hospital bed some days later. I won’t survive long if I keep this up, Marion chuckled to herself. I wonder how Ran did., her thoughts continued. She was informed that an agent was there to see her, so she got up, put her clothes on, and made herself presentable. She didn’t recognise the agent at first, but she introduced herself as Xomae, the assassin who made the fake-attempt on the president of Core Constructions on Coruscant. Apparently, a mission was supposed to take place, but the Agent that was to be in charge hadn’t arrived, so Xomae went to recruit Marion to it. Marion asked about Ran, and it turned out that she was injured, but currently recuperating in the prison hospital. Marion accepted the mission. The next step is to contact command, and get her orders proper…

Corran Sloane, Episode II: The Shadow Concordance, Part 3
Well Played, Agent Talo

I called the others and told them that we were to leave immediately. I felt an unusual sense of excitement; this was no longer simply a mission, now it was a contest. The game was afoot. Still, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed in Talo, leaving such an obvious link to herself was sloppy.

We updated Princess Vayet that Miss Taret would cause no further issues with her, and more importantly, I told her that Sarfine Dellot was to be apprehended the second she got back onboard the personnel carrier. She confirmed that she was a new hire and was clearly distraught by the news that Dellot had betrayed her trust.

We got directions to the site where she would be working and while it seemed likely that she wouldn’t be returning to the ship, she might try to go out with a bang. The area was a glorified garbage heap, where the Neimoidians were currently running a salvage operation and storing many of their droids. We split up in and approached the site from 3 directions, I went through the slums and was quickly met by one of the few visible people working the site. I acted the part of some riff-raff in need of employment, and was quickly hired and sent to put on worker overalls, all the better infiltrate the place.

Still, no sign of Talo… or barely anyone else for that matter. The place seemed to barely have any workers on site and as I met up with Vicrushakal, Marion explained why. There had been a machine malfunction and it had caused equipment and people to crash down to the city level below and had drawn the attention of most of the workers. Clearly Talo’s work, and likely a distraction. I tried to scan for her to see what she wanted to accomplish by this, but she was nowhere in sight.

Marion who had approached he group confirmed that Sarfine Dellot had gone down to help and I gave her confirmation to follow. Meanwhile, me and Vicrushakal discussed the likely area that she would target if she wanted to cause as much damage as possible. The clear target would be the Mainframe computers stationed in one of the cabins. It should be relatively easy to set up an explosion from below to bring it all down.

With that settled, I went down a maintenance shaft to wait for her to strike. It was pitch black in there but with my goggles and the light from the death stick, I was able to see enough to make it down safely. I kicked open a rusted grate and was about to head out, when everything stopped. Outside was a rancor sized gizka, surrounded by a hive of smaller ones. I took a long intake and waited.

The presence of the creature changed little, I still had to stop Talo if this was where she was headed and based on Marion’s reports she was coming this way. But apparently not under Sarfine Dellot as I had thought, I had been wrong about something, something didn’t line up…

That was as far as my thoughts had time to go before Talo’s voice rang across the room. A floating spherical droid had been following marion and through it Talo taunted us from afar, already having made good her escape. With that the droid self-destructed nearby Marion, drawing the Gizka’s attention. Vicrushakal, who had followed after me gasped as the creature turned to look at Marion who was coming towards us. She leapt up on higher ground, but it didn’t help much as it charged her with its horn. We began opening fire and eventually Marion finished it off as we took out the smaller creatures surrounding her.

We returned to the surface, my colleagues seemed somewhat subdued about the whole ordeal, especially Marion who had taken a nasty hit by the creature, thus adding yet another scar to her growing collection. Still, I had difficulty keeping a grin off my face. She had not been sloppy at all, she had played me, and she had played me good.

We had a quick chat with the real Sarfine Dellot, I gave her a similar talk as I had Taret and informed the Neimoidian princess that while Dellot had been part of the crew causing fights she was not the criminal I suspected.

We returned to the base and began planning for the next day. Vicrushakal pointed out that this likely meant that the Neimoidians were innocent as well. I cautioned him about this, reminding him that Talo had not gone for the mainframe computers, and now it seemed unsure if she was even involved with the riots. It was suspicious, certainly, and was perhaps the best they could accomplish while the ships were in orbit, but it is always beneficial to be distrusting of everyone.

Still, for the moment the Neimoidians were by far the more appealing candidate and so we decided that the next move was to move forward and have a talk with Rangi Skeelos and have a look at his Gundark Inc. His operations were obviously the most suspicious, with his past ties to the Black Sun, especially now with the Zabrak gang and the assassin wielding their blades.

Marion went to her usual place back in the bacta tank for the night and prepared to leave early the next morning. Skeelos met us in one of his clubs, and as we continued through the aisles of male dancers, we were shown to Skeelos’ office. He was surrounded by strong looking bodyguards wearing very little and seemed to be entirely at ease.

The talk went well and he began the meeting by bribing us with customized heavy blasters, excellent. That meant he acknowledged that we were important enough to bribe and to get on our good side. We continued to talk, about his business, fears of industrial espionage targeting him, the strengths and weaknesses of his operation and so on until he finally prepared for a tour of his facilities. When I felt I had learned everything of importance while he still liked me, I risked asking him about the swords the assassin had used. I studied the man’s reaction carefully to gauge his response and he genuinely seemed outraged by it, but he also didn’t seem to think it was impossible that one of his men had done it. Interesting.

He briskly ended the meeting and we met up with our guides. Marion apparently knew one of them, a woman named Ran Bosca, from her time with the empire. This could mean that she was a link between the imperials and Skeelos, but it could also mean that we could use her to get more information.

I let Marion deal with her friend while I focused my attention on a scared, mousy looking woman named Branca Feldor who was in charge of PR for the company, who guided us with clearly pre rehearsed lines. It was clear that she only wanted us to go to very specific areas, going off script was clearly not allowed. Based on her fear when I tried to push this, as well as Ran’s readied blaster rifle behind my back, it seemed Skeelos had been very specific about this.

The final stop was the weapons manufactory that was run by an Ithorian scientist named Ranthak Varr. Skeelos had been suspicious of him leaking secrets and while that was a valid area for investigations, I was currently more interested in what Skeelos was hiding from us and if he was tied to the assassin. The Blades made at the factory were indeed very similar to the ones on the holo vid.

I began questioning Feldor who seemed to have lowered her guard somewhat now that the tour was largely over. We talked a bit about notable swordsmen within the company and amongst those who had left them, and with some assistance from Ran, I learned the name of the most likely suspect, an Umbaran named Lye Xomae who had left the company a few weeks earlier.

With that it seemed we had more or less all we could get from them, and so we left the place to have a late sprunch. The meal went over without much of value being said and we soon left to return to base. I had Vicrushakal examine the pistols for signs of bugging, tracking and the like , and after confirming that they were clean we began planning to visit one of their factories the coming night.

Everything was set, Marion and I shared what we had learned during our talk, and everything seemed to be moving smoothly, except for one thing; Marion had lied to me.

Marion Tarrk Episode Two Part 5
The Heist

The Heist
How did this happen?!

The plan was set in motion, after a much needed soak in the bacta tank for Marion. The first step was to commandeer a truck of ore. The team set themselves up to jump onto the truck, and blast it from above. Marion did the jumping, of course, with Vic and Sloane doing the blasting from above. Marion waited for the moment to arrive. Why do I always get these jobs? I mean, Sloane looks… Capable physically. Ugh, my body still hurts from that blasted zabrak… Oh, here it comes. She patiently waited, until the truck was close enough for her to simply drop down it. Marion used her vibroknife to stick to the truck, and slid herself down to get sight on the driver. She took a shot, but she missed the driver. Resulting in her getting run into some poles. Ugh… That’s the rib broken again… Fuck this! She thought to herself, as she was able to take care of the pilot with Sloane and Vic’s help. She shot the car to make it stop. She dropped off, limping slightly from the pain, but quickly regained her composure, before Vic and Sloane could see it. This plan is already delayed because of me, I won’t have them delaying it further, because they think I can’t fight. She was using her strong will, and idiotic pride, to keep going, seemingly, without hinder.

Marion took the driver’s clothes, and proceeded to head to the factory, Vic and Sloane hiding among the ore. They came in without too much trouble. Thank you, Ran…, she thought to herself. Well inside, Marion sabotaged the truck slightly to feign the off-loading unit malfunctioning, luring the guard over, taking him down without too much issue, using the stun setting. The team tied him up to his chair. Marion took a lap of the room, while Vic worked on the computer. They decided that the best to go, was through the reactor room, that was guarded by two droids. Droids, huh… Wish I had an ion-blaster, but they are basically re-fitted astromechs, by the looks of it, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Sloane seemed to have an idea, and sent the guard in first, to distract and confuse the droid’s sensors. It succeeded in giving the team time to get into their positions. Sloane went straight for using the power core’s as cover, as they gambled that they likely didn’t use their full attack on those. Marion took cover behind some metal scrap a bit away from his two companions, and Vic in the back attempting to slice the droids. It was a good plan… Until the droids hit the panel behind Marion, sending her flying, burning her face and torso. How the hell did this happen?! This was supposed to be the easy part! Marion, feeling the pain surging through her body, both old wounds, and the new, panicked, and darted towards the power core, dropping prone, using the walkway as a makeshift cover. She kept firing, destroying one of them. And she kept hammering the other, before Vic managed to slice it. Marion took a stimpack, and grunting from the pain, no longer hiding the fact that she was hurting. We’re too far in now… Can’t back down., she thought to herself, swallowing her pride. Vic found several paths to their location, the vents being the best option for stealth, and potentially for more information.

They entered the vent, that would leave the past the foundry. A fork in the vents would either take them to their location, or to a vent opening that would overlook the foundry area. It laid past the actual burning hot foundries… Marion thought that it would be warm enough to singe her slightly more, but made the judgement that it’d be worth it, if they found more information about Skeelos’ worker situation. The furnace was not as warm as she thought. It gave her new courage to press on. She reached the vent shaft, and found definitive proof that they did indeed employ slaves. And that they were wearing prison anklets, likely from prisons that the Black Sun used to operate. She resisted the urge to charge in and aid the prisoner who was getting beaten. Fuckers…, she thought to herself. Marion’s normally somewhat formal and clean language, was getting drowned more and more by the pain she was feeling in every limb. She went back to her team to report. Afterwhich, they went for the security elevator. It went to the security station on the roof. Vic sliced into the elevator controls, but they heard guards approaching. They would be very easily spotted in the clear elevator, and decided to take them out. A quick volley took the guards down, before they could call for back-up. They entered the elevator and went up.

The team prepared themselves… As soon the door opens, the fighting begins. The thugs that came to meet them, thinking they were the boss, was quickly taken out. And Marion charged the glass, drawing the vibrosword she claimed from the zabrak… It was tough, but she cut through, two slices and it was weakened enough for her to burst through it, Sloane right behind her. They made quick work of the two remaining people inside. There was a man encased in pseudo carbonite suspension, they figured must’ve been the man some guards were talking about earlier, while they were in the vents. Vic went to hacking, while Marion and Sloane went to secure a ride, Sloane opting to bring the frozen man. Well outside, Marion spotted the boss of the place, Takuro Shem. A mild bit of panic struck her, as she originally reached for her vibrosword, to buy Sloane the time he needed, as pain shot through her entire body. Can I do this…? No, I have to!, she psyched herself up. I’ll be smart about it…, she thought to herself, rushing towards Shem, shooting him with her blaster, dropping her blaster rifle, drawing her sword, and engaging him. She shouted for Sloane to get to the ship, while she was face to face with an other vibrosword wielder. Shem swung at her, but she managed to avoid any vital hits. Instead, she saw an opening while they were moving… She kicked him, pushing him to the edge of the roof. He was knocked off his balanced, so she rammed herself into him, actually getting him off the roof. Marion sighed in relief. How did that even happen…?, she was in disbelief, thinking her pain was going to get worse against him. Before she got the calm down too much, she heard grappling hooks shooting into the room where Vic was, she ran back to check on him, cutting off the lines. Vic was just about ready, so they went to catch up with Sloane. Sloane had stolen a hovercar, and flew it up to them. Marion took the pilot seat. Her vision was slightly blurry from the adrenaline, and she didn’t quite see the vent outlet, and rammed straight through it. With that, part of her wanted to slow down a little, but she felt a surge of… Something. And she punched it. They had pursuit coming up shortly behind them. Vic helping with maps, but Marion had an idea. I never said it was a good idea, but it was A idea…, she thought to herself, as she headed straight for an opening of one of the Durostar piping systems. This was a bad idea! I won’t have even a split second to turn in here!, Marion thought to herself. But as Vic started yelling instructions Turn left… NOW!, he would yell behind her. Somehow, she found the calm within her to make a perfect turn, exactly when she needed to. Marion and Vic seemed to have the same idea, they were headed for the hole they originally entered, when they fought the zabrak gang. They were coming up to the whole and… Marion herself could not explain it. Whether she roughly remembered the size of the hole, or if she could see… sense… that they wouldn’t it. Either way, she pulled out her blaster, and few a few good shots, she managed to increase the hole enough so that they fit through… And they were out, no pursuit to be noticed. Marion took a deep sigh, tears welling up. Didn’t think we’d make it, she thought to herself.

They went back to base. Looking over the information, it seemed Skeelo’s was a gangster, and a slave worker… But he was not in league with the empire. However, Sloane seemed to have what he needed to try to contact them. He pretended to be a black sun operative, on a mission gone very bad. He claimed to have information on us, the republic agents, and that we were terrifying. They seemed to buy it. Whoever Sloane spoke to, sent a person, and not a droid, with some supplies, to a set location. The team left to stake out the location, prior to it landing. Vic, R2D6, and Marion stayed at the location, while Sloane went to the designated coordinates, to meet with the individual. The drop ship landed right on time, and as soon as the person, wearing a mask, left their vision Marion, Vic, and D6, went in to slice the drop ship. They got in with little trouble, Marion had to shoot the ship though. And found out that the ship came from one of the neimodian ship, the Dagger of Koru. They all they needed. Vic sealed the ship and set a trap, and Marion made a few more shots, to make it seem like they tried a few times, but ultimately didn’t get in. As they were pulling back, Sloane voice came through, coughing, he informed them that it was agent Talo. Marion ordered D6 and Vic to return to the ship, as she went to back Sloane up. Talo ended up escaping, but they had the information they needed.

They gave the information to the Core Construction president, and reported in with New Republic headquarters. The team went to a New Republic medical facility, to repair themselves. Sloane from exploding, thanks to Talo, and Marion from being… Having a hole shot in her by the zabrak gang, skewered by a giant mutant gizka, being pummeled by the same zabrak, and being exploded, continuously, by the droids. Command contacted them, to congratulate them on their success…


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