Age of Rebellion

Marion Tarrk Episode 4 Part 3-5

Gathering Thoughts

Gathering thoughts
This planet… My sister…
So much has happened so quickly. This planet jumbles my thoughts. I feel as if they are not my own. And yet… They are more my own… It’s hard to explain. Let’s begin with… My sister. Leana is my weakness, that much I have already concluded. It is a different weakness than what I have for Ran. At first, I believed they affected my ability in a similar fashion. But… Thoughts of Ran empower me… They give me a sense of purpose. Thoughts of Leana… Confuse me. She is not the same sister I loved deeply so long ago… She is an imperial officer and… I can’t shake the feeling that she is… My enemy? To think of my own sister as an enemy. The trip to Ten Vares proved this to me. I didn’t watch her like I would a team member, I watched her as if she was a captive. I felt deeply ashamed when I noticed. Further, my reaction to her fraternizing with the Burning Claw was to think about damage control… What did she do? What did she tell them?… All that I can think is “What is she hiding?”

The planet is a different, but also confusing matter. Ever since we got her, I’ve felt a connection to it. I was beginning to think that my experience with Zabrak’s was the reason. But it became clear to me that this planet is… Marked? Something. I feel a … force… for the lack of a better term. I’ve felt it before… Perhaps this is the force that those old people keep mentioning?
I felt it strongest when I bathed in, what I figured was just dirty water, in the cave at the Burning Claw’s. If I’m honest, I was hesitant to go in there. But, I didn’t want to upset them by declining a dip in a very sacred pool. It was strange, though… The water seeped into me… No, that’s not quite right… I felt more of this force than I ever had before, and it seeped into me. It felt as if it was… It sounds strange to actually put it to words… But strengthening me. I felt stronger… Tougher.

The Sandcrawler
A daring rescue

After my recover in the sacred pools of the Burning Claw, we set out towards the salt flats on giant lizards. I was riding one of them, with my sister and the droid in tow, while Barsok rode the other, with Sloane… Fellen… and Choel-Su.

The blistering heat almost slowed down our progress. Wearing heavy armour doesn’t help these situations. It took a long time to reach the sandcrawler. And again… I felt the force, or whatever, I didn’t even hesitate to just charge forward throwing myself onto the vehicle, with only my arm and my vibro knife to capture myself onto it. I braced myself in preparation of the pain of slamming into it…. But, it didn’t hurt. What ensued was a melee. I tossed my sister into the Java in the vent I was aiming for. It did not take us long to find the professor. We were pinned down, but Sloane came to our aid. We were able to exit the sandcrawler before the empire had arrived proper. Barsok knew of some tunnels we could hide in, until the empire would give up their search for us. The tunnels was actually crashed ancient republic ships. I was exhausted… But some hydration and rest got me back on my feet. I will admit to not being at my best, though.

Ritual War and a Crazy Plan
Fighting for survival against hulking Zabraks? Just like old times.

We left the wreckage, and headed out of the salt flats. At the edge we saw Corax, his warriors, and another tribe. They were circling a waterhole to perform ritual combat, Barsok informed us. Corax’s plan to unite the clans with the least amount of bloodshed had taken a hold with the Red Stripes. This mini-ritual-war was a way to settle things with minimum bloodshed… Barbaric, some would say. Though, is it less barbaric than wiping out a species, just because they don’t agree with you? Philosophy aside, Corax looked tired… Wounded. I considered the honour they bestowed upon me, by letting me soak in the sacred waters, and asked to replace Corax in this battle. He agreed, and lent me his weapon.

As soon as the first sun set, the battle began. Their champion was strong… Fast… But he was brutal. He was skilled, but let his size and strength do most of the fighting. I used this. It reminded myself of my time on Dathomir. Just like old times… Except, this Zabrak is far less skilled than the one that almost took my life that day. Through finesse, and strength, I was able to take down the zabrak, and proceeded to aid my Burning Claw allies.

After the ritual war, we returned to our ship, and Sal Sevag. The rebels were going to send us reinforcements. All we had to do was wait. Though, when we finally saw who it was my heart skipped a beat… It is no secret that soldiers dislike mercenaries. Sell swords, no loyalty, they go where they are paid… But if half of what I heard of Ishmael Hasp was true, he wasn’t just a mercenary, he was a lunatic. And his plan proved this. Though, it has merit… Crazy blitz strategy as it is, it would help the planet in the long term. And there is something about him… I thought he’d be imposing, crazy… But he seems… Calm… Almost spiritual.


Riklurt MrGreany

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