Age of Rebellion

Marion Tarrk Episode 4 Part 2

The Drunk Stormtrooper

The Drunk Stormtrooper
Well, that just happened.

The team was gearing up to leave, when the stormtrooper Arneefa Zarr joined them. She was still drunk. Is on duty? Even if she isn’t… We’re going out to hunt, are we not?, Marion looked at her for a second, before she went back to looking over the Mule, their speeder. She finished up, and went to gear up. Xomea was left in the ship with AR, while the rest of the went out in the desert.

Zarr asked Marion to step on it, so Marion did. She going so fast through the landscape, that boulders, who were supposed to land in front of the craft, almost landed on top of them. Marion managed to expertly dodge the boulders, and turn around to go up where the people who pushed the rocks at them were. They turned out to be a group of trandoshans, most likely under the employ of the jawas. They also had Clone Wars era personal walkers. While our team opted for diplomacy, the stormtrooper did not agree. She fired a shot, and the battle that ensued was not long. Then the team set out again, hunting the bug creature called a netch.

Before long they came across some wrecked imperial vehicles, which Sloane suggested we stop and investigate. Sloane seemed to have idea of where it went, down the canyon. So the team continued down the canyon. It was not far before the creature was spotted. They set up to kill it. The creature rammed the mule, but the team was able to dispatch the creature, before any serious damage was dealt to it. Zarr got out of the vehicle, to scavenge her trophies. But as she finished, the team noticed that the tinier bugs, that follow the bigger creature, were swarming towards them. The victory quickly turned into a chase, as the team realized that the bugs were in a blood frenzy. Marion sped towards the exit of the canyon, where the trandoshans were waiting. Some quick thinking from Marion’s part allowed her to pass between them, and much of the swarm stayed with the trandoshans. Thanks to that, Marion was able to lose the rest. Sloane suggested they go back for the droid, so Marion turned, even though Zarr complained. Sloane was able to convince her, however.

Marion went back through a different opening, close to where Sloane had seen a crack in the wall. Marion attempted to enter, but the entrance was narrower than she estimated and got stuck. Well, that could’ve gone better., Marion thought as the droid walked out and met up with them. Sloane shouted to it that we were friends of Flax, and it came aboard. On the way back the droid was able to confirm that we were sent to fetch it, so it elected to just shoot, and kill, Zarr. Surprised, the team just looked to Sloane, for confirmation of whether or not this was the actual mission. But, he seemed as oblivious to it as the rest of them were. They worked with it, however. And left the corpse of Zarr for the blood frenzying, near the trandoshan corpses.

They returned to the city, and went to check up on Flaxx. The droid was able to get them into the cantina, where Flax was sitting with Ares Ventrak, the imperial officer of the city. Flax went straight with them, and said that they has started a resistance. They were trying to help the zabraks against the attempts of the empire. We laid some of our cards on the table, Leana was outed as not a slave to Sloane, but as someone with a history with the commander, Han Ortega. They set up to go to Ten Vares, the next morning. Ares and Flax stepped out of cantina area, to discuss further, while we were told to stay the night. Flax made it clear that it was an invitation, but the guards make it seem more like an order., Marion thought to herself, looking about the room. Marion sat down at the bar and took Flax up on the offer to have some drinks on the house.

It was not long until Leana sat down next to her. Leana wondered about the coat. For someone who talks a lot about family, she doesn’t seem to understand what the word means to me, anymore., Marion thought to herself, while they spoke. Leana seemed more upset with Marion, as she got up and left her. I guess this whole “repairing our relationship”, is going to harder than I thought… But, I can’t just pander to her. Oh well, either it will solve itself, or it won’t., Marion thought to herself, taking a heavy shug on her alcohol.


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