Age of Rebellion

Marion Tarrk Episode 4 Part 1

The Return of the Zabraks

The Return of the Zabraks
What are plans, really?
Marion was back on homebase. The previous mission weighed heavy on Marion, as she went through the physical and mental evaluations. She had endangered the mission, to save her sister. She had given vital information to the enemy. Her conversation with her sister was weighing heavy in her mind. I don’t need you, anymore, she had said to Leana. That’s not what I meant., she thought to herself. She thought about the past, about her and her sister. How Leana and Marion always got into trouble, but Leana was always there to bail Marion out. Marion shook her head. I was 5… That was a long time ago, things have changed!, she tried to convince herself. I was so happy for her when she left the academy.. While Marion had felt lonely after Leana left the academy, she was determined to take care of herself. And she did. Things didn’t go according to plan… But, I was okey., Marion thought to herself. It’s that I don’t need her, it’s that I don’t her in that way anymore. Clearing this up made Marion cheer up again, enough to think about other things, at least. She remembered her dream where Cheol-Su, in a very odd armour, had shot Leana. Marion needed to know if that had really happened. However, as soon as she could confront Cheol-Su, she was called in to be debriefed by director Jatru. Sloane was there was as well. Things were still quite awkward between Marion and Sloane, but she could always count on him to be professional. He is a former ISB agent, after all.

After the meeting, Marion went to the gym looking for Cheol-Su. Marion confronted her about shooting Leana. Cheol-Su didn’t know who she was at the time, just that she was an imperial soldier. Marion thought she would be upset with Cheol-Su. But she couldn’t. She was a soldier, following an order. A sensible order, at that. Instead, the two ended going out. Cheol-Su was very experienced with the cantinas on the planet, and brought Marion around for drinks. Cheol-Su managed to get some action, while Marion sat in a corner drinking. As Cheol-Su returned she asked Marion why she didn’t partake, as Marion was barely drunk. Marion wasn’t really in the mood, she appreciated what Cheol-Su was trying to do. She wasn’t sad though, she was oddly happy. But she knew she had no right to be, after what she did. However, through the days she spent on Rakaa IV, she learnt a great many things. About herself, and about what the word family means. Even the monsters, the Rakaa, had taught her something valuable about family. She had managed to find her last living blood relation, even if said relation now hates her, and she had re-united properly with Ran. Marion also felt that she had grown as a soldier, she had found her weakness. She was unsure if it was a weakness she wanted, or even could, remove. But she was not going to let it be used again. Cheol-Su asked her why she was being so resistant. Marion explained what had happened with Ran. I don’t know what it is, if it is anything… But if it is, I want to protect her., she had told herself. Cheol-Su seemed to be satisfied with the answer, even if she seemed somewhat confused by it.

It was not many days after this, that command contacted Marion about a mission. Belikos had occupied an imperial planet searching for ancient sith artifacts, that they had name ‘ghosts of the sith’. Sounded like a fairytale to Marion. Hers and Sloane’s mission was to infiltrate, find and rescue an archeologist by the name of Kiya Farshani. Sloane was disturbed by Marion’s presence on the mission, and questioned it. Marion couldn’t blame him. She also did not comment back, as she knew that Sloane would be professional about it, regardless. The team was to pose as a crew looking for work. The two had some liberty with picking their members, and settled with Xomea and Cheol-Su. To Marion’s surprise, Leana was coming on the mission, as she had valuable intel on the planet. The planet in question was Araveen, a zabrak world. Marion’s memories of the last time she was a zabrak world trickled through her mind. I understand the zabrak on the other planets are very different., she told herself.

Marion geared herself up, and went to check out the ship. _Enviro gear would be useful… But, the overwhelming risk of being shot is high… _, she thought to herself as she was looking over gearing options. The republic did not currently have a spare armor that she could use, since either Republic standard gear, or imperial stormtrooper gear, was out of the question. She had to go down to the market, and purchase her own. She geared up, and sighed. I look like a friggen bounty hunter wearing this., she shook her head and accepted it. She left to prep the ship. Xomea was already waiting in the ship. Cheol-Su joined them before long. But not before Leana. Marion was glad to see her, but it was clear that Leana was not glad to see Marion. Leana ignored Marion, and Marion shrugged it off. Can’t blame her… Perhaps things’ll lighten up during the mission., Marion thought to herself, and went into the cockpit, to began pre-flight.

The journey was not long, and it was rather quiet. From Marion’s point of view, it was like the entire ship could sense the awkward tension between her and Leana, and her and Sloane. Though, Sloane was back to his usual self of… being who ever he needed to be for the mission. That’s Sloane, ehm, Fellen for you., Marion smiled and shook her head. They received landing permission, and split up to look for information and job opportunities separately. Xomea with Marion, and the other two with Sloane. Marion and Xomea found little in terms of opportunities, but they did find an angry zabrak in the market. As it turned out, apparently the jawas were picking up weapons, heirlooms, from dead zabraks in the desert, and keeping them for ransom, selling them back at ridiculous prices. Marion attempted to settle the situation, before it got bloody, but more zabrak’s turned up. They seemed to taunt the first zabrak, named Barsok, into a fight. This was not the plan… But what are plans really?, Marion shook her head, as she watched. Three versus one…? These zabraks truly are different, is there no honour here?, she thought to herself, stepping up next to Barsok. The two quickly defeated the three zabrak. The jawas had fled during the confusion, and it seemed like law enforcement was closing in. So Marion and Xomea left, following where the jawas went. Meeting the jawas was fairly unfruitful. She managed to confirm that the jawas was taking the weapons, and using them as ransom. But also started suspected that the empire was behind it, ultimately. Other than that, she mostly managed to make an enemy.

The team reconvened in the ship, and compared notes. Sloane had successfully gotten them a job, taking a stormtrooper into the desert, to hunt a dangerous creature. But also to find a droid in the desert, that belongs to a merchant name Rosto Flax…


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