Age of Rebellion

Marion Tarrk EPisode 3 Part 6


The mission comes first

Marion wakes up back in the jungle, Sloane looking down at her. Cheol-Su also there. They came to save me! But just as things seems to stabilize, Cheol-Su raises her weapon to shoot Leana, who falls to the ground, dead.

With a gasp Marion wakes up in her hospital bed. Did I really see that? No, Leana lived… I took her to the ship, myself!, Marion tried to convince herself. Was Cheol-Su even there?, the dream confused Marion. However, before she could think on it further, she went back to sleep. Marion was exhausted, and her body far from the repaired. She was merely lucid when the ithorian doctors started patching her up, and re-hydrating her body. She tried asking about Leana and Ran, but it it didn’t seem as if the doctors understood, or had time to reply to her queries.

She woke up again, finally with her body feeling better. Again, she woke up to Sloane. Initially this made Marion happy. Sloane was someone Marion looked up to, he was not only a good teammate, but he had also saved her life more than once. But now, he had a grim face, and Marion remembered what she did. Going to save Leana she could justify, revealing the plan to Leana and Moto, she could justify… Telling Moto about Corren Sloane, she could not justify. Their conversation revealed just that, Sloane didn’t seem bothered about the other details, but saying his name had made him disappointed in her. She found out that Leana was being kept in the palace. Sloane never told her that she failed in her mission, but Marion already knew that much.

Marion was cleared not long after her conversation with Sloane, and went to visit Ran. Marion’s worry was that Ran would have been targeted by the Burning Diamond again, but it seems the actions of Sidren Roaker had given the Burning Diamond too much grief for them to focus on her. It seems Ran had also been touched somewhat by the words on the ithorians. Perhaps this “force” business has something to it… But I dunno, seems like a fairytale., Marion thought to herself. Ran even seemed to be considering joining the Republic. The conversation went on for a bit. Marion was exhausted, and couldn’t sort out of her feelings properly. In her confusion, Ran took initiative, and simply went in for a kiss. Somehow that cleared things up for Marion. Well, I was looking for clarity, seems I got it. Thank you, Ran., Marion thought to herself, actually having a tear fall down her cheek.

She exited with a smile, and her back on, as Jaxx ran into her. Geez, Jaxx… Hope this isn’t about a mission., Marion jokingly thought to herself. However, what he had to say was that Stormforce was hiding out in the jungle, and that command was having trouble properly locating, and taking down, their back-up base. They said they were looking for volunteers, as they couldn’t find anyone to lead the mission. I really don’t want to… But someone has to deal with Moto. Seems fitting it should be me, I guess., Marion contemplated whether or not volunteer. Either way, she was heading towards the palace.

Marion went to Calo Syd to get permission to visit her sister, and ran into him and general Etras. It seemed the general had a plan, based on a plan from doctor Slorren, that Syd thought was too risky. If Syd is opposed, I feel like it’d take too long for the Republic to send anyone else here to lead the mission. Fine, I’ll do it., she thought to herself, and then repeating the conviction outloud. She was cleared to visit her sister, in order to get information out of her. I don’t want to do this, but if it means I can see her, that’s enough., she thought to herself. Marion understood most of Leana’s anguish, having felt similar feelings at one point or another… But, she is a soldier. Loosing people, your family, is part of the deal. Blaming Marion, a fellow soldier, for killing them? Marion couldn’t relate… As much as she could feel pain, anger, and suffer for losing a comrade she would never blame her enemy. Marion had killed to many brothers, sister, lovers, family members, to ever feel like she could blame anyone else. That doesn’t mean that she didn’t feel anger towards her enemies for killing her friends and family. But, as a soldier, she could not relate to blaming your enemies, when they too are soldiers.

Marion left her sister, and was again face-to-face with doctor Vetko Slorren, as he explained the plan for her and Sloane, who was the other choice for the plan. Marion remembered him slapping her, but she couldn’t be sure if it actually happened, or if that was another dream, thus she didn’t press the issue. They were given a device that would knockout the main guns on the base, which was a crashed star destroyer. The two geared up in their stormtrooper disguises, with few words, and got into the dropship.

They were dropped off in the jungle, some way away from the base. Again, communication was kept to a minimum, and they set off into the jungle. At first, traveling on foot, to get a bit closer before using the canoo. They made their way through the river with little issue. And as they came up on the star destroyer, they saw that the back end of it was shattered, and the pieces were hanging down the side of the cliff, and in the water. Marion decided to moor the boat on the shore, and go across the metal debris. She tied a rope around herself, and tied one around Corren, but as she started to move, he had undo the knot. He had apparently brought a grappling hook. Useful device, hope it pays off. And that isn’t the cheap-crap variety that makes a lot of noise and refuses to connect., Marion thought to herself, nodding at Corren. The grappling hook seemed to be that second variety though, and Marion covered her face in her palm, and shook her head. He had to go over on the metal debris, anyway. He attempted the same to climb up the actual cliff wall. Marion just shook her head, as the grappling hook failed Corren again, and caused some local fauna to get stirred. Corren eventually made it up there, and they finished off the bugs. The entered the ship, and tried to sneak past the bugs that was inside of it. It turned into another fight, which they quickly finished off. Corren and Marion rushed out of the hanger and they finally entered the base proper.

They went past an area seemingly used as a storage room. Ahead there was some guards, they seemed to spot Corren, who went up to speak to them. Marion took ambush position, to see how the situation went. Corren seemingly was able to talk his way out of it, and Marion met up with him at the exist of the room. They quickly made it to the living quarters, in order to pick up an engineering badge. So as to enter the engine room, where they had to set off the E.M.P.. They were able to get another disguise for Corren, to pass off as an engineer, and headed for the engine room.

The worst thing happened as they entered, Moto was there. Moto asked Sloane why he was there, thinking he was an other engineer. Sloane figured out that he wouldn’t be able to talk himself out of this one, and gave the trigger to Marion. But before Marion was able to take position, Moto shot Sloane. That bastard!, before Marion had time to finish the thought she heard Sloane yell to go for the generator. In a moment of clarity, Marion swallowed her pride and anger, and there was calmness left. The mission comes first., she repeated in her mind as a mantra. Without thinking about it she speedily jumped up the ladder to the upper floor, and somehow made it all the way to the generator and unleashed the E.M.P.. Moto cleverly surrendered.

Marion went around to gather the stormtrooper’s rifles. Moto made a snipe comment, followed by a threat from Marion to not come any closer. Moto didn’t comply, so Marion rifle-butted him in the face. He lashed out, cursing her for lying. Marion’s finger was shaking with anger, she could feel the tears of anger closing in on her. But then she remembered Ran, and the kiss they shared, and she calmed down… No, I won’t give in to him, not this time… The mission comes first., she thought to herself as she controlled the anger making her fingers twitch.

The republic joined the fighting, and Stormforce was quickly overrun. In the aftermath Marion was able to find her coat again, unharmed. And thus her and Sloane returned to the ithorian city…


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