Age of Rebellion

Marion Tarrk Episode 3 Part 5

The "Great" Escape

The “Great” Escape
This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go

Marion was hanging there. For how long? She couldn’t tell you. At first she tried to keep strong, by using the sun, and counting the minutes… But before long, she couldn’t concentrate properly on anything. She hung for a very long time, at least, before her sister came to visit. Marion’s heart skipped, as Leana asked to not charge her like Marion had tried to do against Kyrios. Marion was insulted at the thought. Leana tried to convince Marion to re-join the Empire. It’s sweet of her… It isn’t protocol. And they can’t trust me. But in giving me the opportunity, she’s showing that she cares, if only a little… I mean, they also need the troops., Marion was trying to convince herself. She saw her speak to Kyrios as she left. Marion was again left by herself. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go., she thought to herself, as Kyrios’ eyes locked with hers.

Kyrios came to see Marion later. Marion paid little attention to him. He told her that they would leaving soon, and he hoped that Marion would cooperate. What can I do…? I’m tired… Hungry… I feel like dying. What do you expect me to do?, Marion felt weak, but a burning desire woke up in her as he threatened Leana. But I will end you, Kyrios… That is a promise., a promise she etched into her very soul. She, somewhat, agreed to his request.

She was up there for some time more, contemplating her purpose, existence, and all other things you start thinking about when your mind is breaking, but you pull at every straw to keep it intact. The soldier came to take her down in order to move her to the new base. Six soldiers… Kyrios is smarter than I thought, he knew what I didn’t… Even in this state, I feel the fight in me., Marion felt the strength rise in her. She began building a plan in her min, but almost burst out laughing, in her weak form. Her mind was not as sharp as it would usually be, and every idea she had was dumber than the previous. She decided to wing it, instead.

Well outside, the soldiers started gearing up to move out. Marion’s guards showed her along. Marion was keeping her mind busy by coming with insane escape plans, to ensure that she wouldn’t collapse. But then it hit her! Collapsing… It would make sense, wouldn’t be out of the ordinary… And it could give me the chance I need…, she thought to herself. She enacted her plan when her group was moving around a tree a bit away from the caravan. She fell, and the soldiers began to go towards her, to pull her up, but instead they started yelling familiar terms. A T93… Aliens, likely the natives? WHAT THE!, Marion barely had time to finish the thought, when a large alien was right above her, engaging the stormtroopers. She used used the distraction to roll away, and hide in the forest. Now… I need to find my stuff., she thought to herself and scanned the caravan. She found the most likely vehicle for transporting gear. She got up to move over to it, but something happened. Her body was starting to fail her. No, not now… This is not how it was…, she didn’t have time to finish the thought, before she was out of it.

She woke up to a familiar sight… Yet again one of the bigger natives was pointing a spear towards her, as she woke up. Charades began again. Marion was able to figure out that the natives had figured out that the stormtroopers wanted her, and was going to set up an ambush, using her as bait. Marion responded that she too wanted to fight the stormtroopers as well. She asked for a weapon, but at first they resisted. However, eventually they agreed. Marion felt a bit weird about this. I’m setting up a trap for stormtroopers, with primitive arachnid-like creatures… In my underwear! This is not how I expected this day to go. Oh well, better make the best of it., Marion sighed to herself as she went along to set up the ambush.

She had been sneered in a very thin web, that she could easily break out of. They hid the blaster at the clearing, where the ambush was to take place. Afterwhich, they went off to lure the stormtroopers. Basically, the plan boiled down to waving Marion to the stormtroopers, in the hopes that they would follow. Marion figured this wouldn’t work, but she heard her sister’s voice calling out for squads to go with her. Oh no… That’s bad., Marion thought to herself. They got the location, and Marion got herself free, picked up her blaster rifle, and went for cover. As the trap was sprung, Marion stealthed around to where her sister was. Two natives were sliding down from above, and the stormtroopers hadn’t seen them yet. Right before the natives was about to leap down on the group, she shot one of the stormtroopers. One of the natives dropped onto Leana. Which caused Marion to charge in, getting between the creature and her sister. The creature attacked Leana again, however, by throwing it’s spear. Marion got in the way of it, getting knocked out in the process.

Marion woke up to the same battlefield, looking up at Sloane’s face. Sloane?! What is doing here? Did he come to save me? How did he even know I was out here?, she asked herself. She looked up, and the spear-native was still going at Leana. Marion shot at the creature, eventually taking it down. Leana had been taken out, and thus went to rescue her sister. The few remaining stormtroopers turned around, and started firing at the team. Xomea… Chel-su! They’re under attack!, Marion shot down the remaining stormtroopers, before going aboard their ship. She carried Leana to bed, before basically collapsing. She thinks she saw the doctor slapping her, as she went out, but she couldn’t be sure about it…


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