Age of Rebellion

Marion Tarrk Episode 3 Part 4

Local Kindness

Local Kindness
One good deed deserves another

Marion would say that in her life she had made two very clear mistakes, that she regrets. The first was to not give up against the Jedi, and the second was to believe that her mother was a reasonable person. Many would argue that going into an alien jungle alone, with little chance to survive, in order to attempt to rescue her sister, would be a third. But Marion knew: Whether I live or die… I have to try, or I won’t be able to sleep at night.. She left bright and early, she only had time to convey her orders to her team. Take the good scientist back to the city, take no risks. A bit hypocritical, as she was taking an immense risk. Her team supplied her with the supplies they had left, that wouldn’t be necessary to get back. The scientist even gave her his radar-compass. She accepted and left.

The journey was long and harrowing. The journey itself bled away in her mind, and her thoughts turned to her sister. She hadn’t seen her since Leana left the academy, to train under officers back… Marion couldn’t remember how long it was. Every time she sat down to take a breather, she took out the holoprojector. Does Leana still believe our parents were right?, she thought to herself. She was always a trusting fool… Doesn’t matter, I just can’t believe she might be alive. The terrain was treacherous, Marion came across similar flooding in areas as the team did on the way to the generator, she was able to learn that this was because of the shape of the trees. The big flower-like leaves at the top gather a great deal of water before giving way, and sploshing all the water down on the same spot, basically. The ground was too wet to traverse, so she elected to climb up one of the trees to see if there was an other way. And as luck would have it, this planet’s greenery was similar to Kashyyyk. So, Marion started walking across the big system of branches that was spanning across. It became harder to navigate, as she couldn’t walk in an as straight a path, and had to take more detours, and make more selections about her path, but she soldiered on. Where am I even going?, Marion thought to herself, as she set out on more and more alien paths.

She continued until dusk started to set, she pressed on until the light was all but gone. It was difficult to tell exactly how much sunlight was left, due to the thickness of the canopy. She managed to find a suitable place to bunker down for the night, but before she could set up properly she heard sometime. A wounded native was whimpering not too far from her. She had her sights set on it, should it display hostile action. But it stumbled along, until it slumped down. Marion, despite her better judgement, was in a very specific mindset, and went over to check on it. It seemed to be completely out cold, perhaps dead, Marion thought. As she came closer, she realised that it was still breathing… But it was bleeding profusely. Marion looked at her medical supplies. Where am I even going with this? I mean, I know what I want to do, but should I? I might need these supplies., she thought to herself, as she already started rummaging through the supplies, and began to do what she could to stop the bleeding, and apply bandages. That’ll do… I’m out of bandages, better avoid breaking any legs or getting shot., she chuckled to herself, shaking her head. What am I doing? Well, what’s done is done. She returned to her own little camp, and set in for the night.

The next morning Marion woke up with a spear to her throat. She reached for her weapon in panic, as the spear shrugged back. She was able to get her weapon halfway up, when she realised that she was surrounded by the natives. Shit, now what?!, she was looking around in panic, trying to think of something to do. When the closest, also incidentally the biggest, native motioned for something. Marion had no reference to understand what it meant. But he pointed over to a smaller one further back, flanked by other natives, was the one she had helped. She smiled, He looks much better… Why do I even care?, she bit back at herself. At the recognition of the injured one, the bigger one seemed to calm down slightly. What? They seem to have some sort of family relationship… Are they… Grateful? A series of charades began. Marion was able to relay that she was not a friend of the stormtroopers, and that she was going there to attack… Or at least, she thinks that’s what she said. Also, that 3 more of her team was in the jungle, on their way back to the city. The big native seemed to suggest that they would die alone in the jungle. Marion attempted to motion, to see if she could recruit the natives to aid them. The response confused her, but it didn’t seem like they were opposed to the idea. And as they left, Marion thought to herself as she set up her communicator; Perhaps they are not that different, after all… One good deed deserves another?, she pondered, as she contacted Jaxx and tried to explain what had just happened. Jaxx seemed confused, understandably… Hopefully, I didn’t just tell them to let down their guard against an enemy. Jaxx is a soldier, though… He should be more careful than that., she thought to herself, geared up and left her make-shift camp.

The compass told her one way, but the natives had pointed a slightly different path. Marion decided to gamble on her newfound friends. It payed off, they had pointed to the battlefield, where they had fought Stormforce, and a speeder was, mostly, intact among the wreckage. This speeder took her most of the way. It was pretty broken all-in-all, but ran her all the way to a sheer cliff, where the compass started spinning around. The base itself was inside sculpted out of the cliff, to get natural cover from the mountainside. She climbed down to enter the base, and began sneaking around. However, before finding out where her sister was she encountered stormtroopers. They managed to shoot her. She elected sense, before panic, and dropped her weapon, raising her hands and said her name was Marion Tarrk. The soldiers knocked her out.

She woke up tied up, hanging from the mountain ceiling, in only her underwear. Marion was reminded of when she, briefly, captured by the zabrak’s during the war against them. They had done something similar. We’re supposed to be more civilised, than this, I thought?, shaking her head, she was reminded again of just how far the Empire had fallen. Kyrios Moto met her eyes. He asked her what this important message was. When she said that the message was for Leana, and not him, he laughed and asked again. Marion, in a demonstrative effort swung with all her might, to catch him with her legs, and repeated herself. Leana joined them. Marion couldn’t believe her eyes… So Leana was truly with this psychopath, then. She explained the situation. Kyrios laughed, and had his men check on it. Marion ignored Kyrios during the conversation, and spoke only directly to Leana. This was a mistake, she had given up her weakness… Kyrios didn’t threaten to hurt Marion, nor did he threaten to kill her… He threatened to rape Leana. No… He would do it, too… I can see it in his eyes. I won’t let him!, Marion lashed out in anger, trying to swing to him again, but was stopped… And something stirred in her heart, she offered all the information she could muster for him to leave her alone. DAMN! I played right into his trap… But I couldn’t… I can’t sacrifice Leana., Marion cursed at herself for her weakness. What have I done…?, tears began forming in her eyes, but she kept them back, she didn’t want Kyrios to see how hurt she was. Kyrios informed her that the suns here are quite warm, and that the UV radiation is quite harmful, wishing her luck in the morning…


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