Age of Rebellion

Corran Sloane, Episode III: Revenge of the Stormtroopers, Part 4

People are all the same

After closing up shop I awoke late the next morning to AR-47 letting me know that Vendi wanted to have a meeting with me over sprunch. I got myself ready and went to see her along with Cheol-Su. I ran into Meezot right outside the cantina and he asked for an introduction. I did not really know Meezot yet and his part in the ongoing political landscape but didn’t see a reason not to and brought the two together, he had after all helped me get me in touch with the Colonists.

Vendi greeted him politely but sent him on his way. She wanted to discuss my recent endeavors, befriending Lexey and more importantly, my recruitment of the Colonists. She pointed out that they were a powerbase that no one else had manage to get control of, and if they joined up with her, her own position would be strengthened considerably, due to seemingly having a small army backing her.

This, I fear was Vendi’s great weakness. She was excellent with people and knew how to use her beauty, sexuality and charm at any given situation, but she failed to understand power politics and how to use large groups of people and not merely individuals. She essentially told me, that regardless of it being true or not, in the eye of the other players, I was currently in control of a small army, and she wanted me to simply hand that over to her because she asked me to.

She later invited me back to her place and spent a few hours with her. A part of me worried I was wasting precious time, but after leaving I felt at least confident that I had gained sufficient influence with her that I’d likely be able to use her should I need to.

As I left her apartment, I was suddenly cornered by Zatveega. She had taken me for an ambitious man and offered me a chance to meet with Calo Syd, a bounty hunter of some renown, and head of security on the planet. In exchange, she wanted payback on Cheol-Su. Cheol-Su had bested her in the fight back in the cantina and she feared that had lost her some of her standing on the planet. After making sure she promised not to cause any permanent damage on my property, I agreed and arranged a meeting with Syd the next day. With that I returned with Cheol-Su and spent the rest of the evening mostly tending to the mundane task of running a cantina.

Before meeting with Syd, I had a meeting set up with the Governor thanks to Lexey seemingly being excited about showing off his new friend. As I entered the lobby, I met Yuuzhak Talverr, a Falleen medical merchant who seemed to have an ongoing rivalry with Vendi. He asked me to petition the governor to fire Raveem so that he could become the new quartermaster. More and more people were starting to approach me, wanting me to use my influence to aid them. Now all I had to do was to decide who could best aid me with my current goals. I gave him a non-committal response, hoping it would appease him for now and continued to see the Governor.

I had hoped to try dazzle her with charm and banter but as I walked in to her office, I realized that that was not a winning tactic. She was a professional and despite her interest in Lexey, was neither vain nor stupid. I still put on my best smile and tried to appease her, but focused on reassuring her that I was not a threat to her powerbase and not an ally of those that were, such as Vendi and Talverr. I ignored Talverr’s request regarding the quartermaster since Raveem already owed me his life and viewed me as his friend. That was not a bond I would waste easily.

The meeting progressed well enough and I believe I made a reasonable impression but it was clear that she was cautious and it would take time for me to prove that she could trust me, time I likely did not have. I left the office and hurried off to arrive in time to meet Calo Syd.

I met the man as he was keeping an eye on the Burning Diamonds prisoners working as part of the Ithorian’s rehabilitation program or whatever it was that they called it. Syd was neither pleasant nor threatening and he had the posture of someone who knew he didn’t need to be. He was a professional and that was all that mattered and it was that professionalism I targeted. He had been called off from going after the Burning diamonds who he had officially been tasked to root out and it was a blemish on his record I suspected he wanted to get rid of.

I told him that the colonists had gotten emboldened by their recent victories against the Burning Diamonds at the cantina, and were preparing themselves to finally take the fight to them. I didn’t hire Syd or try to have him break his deal with the governor, all I offered him was a piece of the action, and that was all it took to get him on board.


Riklurt Sydow

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