Age of Rebellion

Corran Sloane, Episode III: Revenge of the Stormtroopers, Part 3

Sometimes you want to go...

I explained to Odell how having his gang protect my establishment would in turn protect themselves. It would give them a safe place to return to, to be entertained and to drink. I did not lie to the man, I didn’t need to. I simply worded things so that the deal heavily favored me while still making it seem as though I was doing them a favor.

I spent a good chunk of the night talking with the man, having him befriend Sidland Rowker. He seemed to be a ‘Good man’, and I enjoyed the conversation. He was also ideal for what I had in mind.

The next day I arranged for Cheol-Su to get patched up after the fight the day before and then had Meezot arrange a meeting with the governess lover, a man called Lexey Lee and the Administrator of the Teharu government. He was a vain fool, but an ambitious vain fool and easy to manipulate. He and Rowker quickly became friends; they had much in common, including taste in bodyguard. Apparently he was having an affair with ‘Zatveega’, his Twi’Lek bodyguard, which led me to invite them to the cantina.

My plan was to exploit their relationship and hopefully create an opening for me to get to the governor. That, and having Lexey as a public friend and patron could well be valuable. With that plan set in motion I began preparing with Cheol-Su and AR-47. The droid went about preparing to spike the drinks and Cheol-Su was given instructions to play nice and help out should I need assistance getting Lexey and Zatveega to get together.

Soon the doors were opened to the awaiting crowds for our second night and before long, Lexey, Zatveega and a group of Lexey’s friends joined us. The ‘Partay’ kept on and Lexey got increasingly more comfortable but Zatveega seemed to be a professional, keeping her distance and keeping watch, unlike my own bodyguard who seemed to think the spiked drinks were made for her as well.

After prodding Lexey about his ‘date’, he suggested a cat fight, because of course he did. As the two women began their little exhibition, a scared looking man entered the bar and approached us. It was Brenx Raveem, the quartermaster. Lexey had ditched an appointment with him to keep the burning diamonds off his back which had made them come after him…and followed him to the cantina.

Just as Cheol-Su won the match against Zatveega, albeit while losing her modesty, the burning diamonds burst through the door. And so the evening followed much the same routine as the previous. They had brought more men this time, but not many actual soldiers it seemed. The group was led by a Quarren who initially seemed to want to go after the quartermaster, but after I shot off one of his tendrils, sadly his attention shifted over to me. The fight was brief but intense and I took my share of nicks and bruises but before long, we, Cheol-Su, myself and some of Odell’s colonists had cleaned up our uninvited guests.

Neither Lexey nor Zatveega had assisted in the fight, both of them prioritizing keeping Lexey safe, but it seemed that Lexey in particular had gotten impressed and excited by the ordeal, and brought his bodyguard in to one of the private booths to ‘vent some steam’. As I began to make arrangements to immortalize their union on holovid, I met up with Raveem. He had wanted to get a hold of Lexey but since I didn’t want him getting disturbed, volunteered instead, subtly highlighting that I was happy to have been there to save his life. This seemed to have been enough to win his trust and suddenly a torrent of information flew out of him.

First of all, it seemed that I had made a miscalculation. The Governor was not the jealous kind after all and had in fact been the one who set Lexey up with Zatveega in the first place. Zatveega’s loyalty seemed to be to her, rather than Lexey. Secondly, he began opening up about the burning diamond threats to him and how Lexey and the Governor kept ignoring his pleas. He also told me about the relationship between the Governor and the leader of the Burning diamond gang, Yasmee Telari. Apparently they knew each other from back during the Empire, something that had not been mentioned during the briefing, interesting.

I spent the rest of the evening helping the man writing a stern message to the governor as well as having Rowker befriend him. That, and arranging for a new set of pants for him to use due to an unfortunate accident during the shootout.


Riklurt Sydow

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