Age of Rebellion

Marion Tarrk Episode 4 Part 3-5
Gathering Thoughts

Gathering thoughts
This planet… My sister…
So much has happened so quickly. This planet jumbles my thoughts. I feel as if they are not my own. And yet… They are more my own… It’s hard to explain. Let’s begin with… My sister. Leana is my weakness, that much I have already concluded. It is a different weakness than what I have for Ran. At first, I believed they affected my ability in a similar fashion. But… Thoughts of Ran empower me… They give me a sense of purpose. Thoughts of Leana… Confuse me. She is not the same sister I loved deeply so long ago… She is an imperial officer and… I can’t shake the feeling that she is… My enemy? To think of my own sister as an enemy. The trip to Ten Vares proved this to me. I didn’t watch her like I would a team member, I watched her as if she was a captive. I felt deeply ashamed when I noticed. Further, my reaction to her fraternizing with the Burning Claw was to think about damage control… What did she do? What did she tell them?… All that I can think is “What is she hiding?”

The planet is a different, but also confusing matter. Ever since we got her, I’ve felt a connection to it. I was beginning to think that my experience with Zabrak’s was the reason. But it became clear to me that this planet is… Marked? Something. I feel a … force… for the lack of a better term. I’ve felt it before… Perhaps this is the force that those old people keep mentioning?
I felt it strongest when I bathed in, what I figured was just dirty water, in the cave at the Burning Claw’s. If I’m honest, I was hesitant to go in there. But, I didn’t want to upset them by declining a dip in a very sacred pool. It was strange, though… The water seeped into me… No, that’s not quite right… I felt more of this force than I ever had before, and it seeped into me. It felt as if it was… It sounds strange to actually put it to words… But strengthening me. I felt stronger… Tougher.

The Sandcrawler
A daring rescue

After my recover in the sacred pools of the Burning Claw, we set out towards the salt flats on giant lizards. I was riding one of them, with my sister and the droid in tow, while Barsok rode the other, with Sloane… Fellen… and Choel-Su.

The blistering heat almost slowed down our progress. Wearing heavy armour doesn’t help these situations. It took a long time to reach the sandcrawler. And again… I felt the force, or whatever, I didn’t even hesitate to just charge forward throwing myself onto the vehicle, with only my arm and my vibro knife to capture myself onto it. I braced myself in preparation of the pain of slamming into it…. But, it didn’t hurt. What ensued was a melee. I tossed my sister into the Java in the vent I was aiming for. It did not take us long to find the professor. We were pinned down, but Sloane came to our aid. We were able to exit the sandcrawler before the empire had arrived proper. Barsok knew of some tunnels we could hide in, until the empire would give up their search for us. The tunnels was actually crashed ancient republic ships. I was exhausted… But some hydration and rest got me back on my feet. I will admit to not being at my best, though.

Ritual War and a Crazy Plan
Fighting for survival against hulking Zabraks? Just like old times.

We left the wreckage, and headed out of the salt flats. At the edge we saw Corax, his warriors, and another tribe. They were circling a waterhole to perform ritual combat, Barsok informed us. Corax’s plan to unite the clans with the least amount of bloodshed had taken a hold with the Red Stripes. This mini-ritual-war was a way to settle things with minimum bloodshed… Barbaric, some would say. Though, is it less barbaric than wiping out a species, just because they don’t agree with you? Philosophy aside, Corax looked tired… Wounded. I considered the honour they bestowed upon me, by letting me soak in the sacred waters, and asked to replace Corax in this battle. He agreed, and lent me his weapon.

As soon as the first sun set, the battle began. Their champion was strong… Fast… But he was brutal. He was skilled, but let his size and strength do most of the fighting. I used this. It reminded myself of my time on Dathomir. Just like old times… Except, this Zabrak is far less skilled than the one that almost took my life that day. Through finesse, and strength, I was able to take down the zabrak, and proceeded to aid my Burning Claw allies.

After the ritual war, we returned to our ship, and Sal Sevag. The rebels were going to send us reinforcements. All we had to do was wait. Though, when we finally saw who it was my heart skipped a beat… It is no secret that soldiers dislike mercenaries. Sell swords, no loyalty, they go where they are paid… But if half of what I heard of Ishmael Hasp was true, he wasn’t just a mercenary, he was a lunatic. And his plan proved this. Though, it has merit… Crazy blitz strategy as it is, it would help the planet in the long term. And there is something about him… I thought he’d be imposing, crazy… But he seems… Calm… Almost spiritual.

Corran Sloane, Episode IV: Ghosts of the Sith, Part 1
Damage Control

Sloane, Corran
Formerly of the Imperial Security Bureau,
Commission for the Preservation of the New Order
Known Traitor


My earliest conscious memory was walking along the streets of Arkanis alongside my mother. War had erupted across the galaxy but that was something that was of little concern to us. Arkanis was loyal to the Emperor, safe and far away from any fighting. But as we crossed the market, a large group of people were screaming, calling for Arkanis to rise against the Empire. I remember them being so… angry, desperate, chaotic. One person’s anger fueled another’s and soon they were rioting in the streets. Stores were broken into, merchant carts were destroyed and rocks were sailing every which way.

One rock hit my mother at the side of her head and she fell down hard on the ground. I remember feeling utterly helpless as she laid there unmoving as the mob of people drew closer. That was when he showed up. I remember seeing a man in a gray-green uniform accompanied by a small squadron of Stormtroopers. They were hopelessly outnumbered but with nothing but a few words and with precise use of force, he cowed the group of people and just like that, order was restored around us. It was a moment that would be forever etched into my memory. The Stormtroopers began rounding up the subdued dissidents and as the officer turned to leave, I summoned what little courage I had and ran up to him.

He turned and stared at me with a cold, penetrating gaze which I met, pleading with him to help my mother. She was an Imperial citizen which offered her a degree of protection, but we were not a wealthy family and the medical treatment required would be expensive. I asked what I could do to help her and his answer was so simple yet filled me with newfound purpose; “Serve the Empire”.

And since that day, that was what I did. The officer arranged to have my mother treated as I was enrolled into the Imperial Academy. Even then I realized that it was a great honour to do so, and I worked hard, very hard at it. At first I did so to repay the debt for my mother, but as I slowly began to understand the narrowmindedness and selfishness of focusing so much attention on people only because of their personal ties to me, when there was an entire Galaxy that needed protection, my priorities slowly shifted.

My contact with my family waned each year to the point where during my graduation it took a moment for me to even recognize them. Still, they were healthy and provided for and there was little reason to worry about much beyond that. I continued my service onboard several vessels and planets and during my service learned the danger of personal attachments. Months turned into years which turned into decades, which finally brought me to the present. In truth I could barely remember the last time I thought about my family but now they had become a problem. A problem I needed to solve.

My defection had been a death sentence on them and while there might not be a bond between us anymore, they did not deserve death due to my failings. The same went for several others of my known contacts, although in truth the majority of them likely did deserve that fate but for reasons all of their own.

Mitigating this situation had been what had taken up most of my free time since my return to base. Other than that, work continued mostly as normal and a few days after getting back I was summoned by Director Jatru for briefing alongside Tarrk. There were of course reasons why this debriefing was unusual and I ended up being asked if Tarrk was fit to serve. Was she? What she had done during her stay to Rakaa IV would say no. Her scheme of going in alone to an enemy facility for personal reasons and spilling vital information was madness if not simply treasonous in its foolishness. But… she had proven herself many times before this. I explained that while she had repeatedly let her emotions take the better of her, she had fulfilled her duties on board the crashed Star Destroyer. I trusted her to do her job, just not her judgement.

I was further questioned regarding the consequences of my leaked information. I assured him that it was unlikely to be a concern to the New Republic beyond the obvious fact that my name would no longer be as useful and the routine purge of known contacts and family members of traitors to the Empire. It was unseemly to have the New Republic spend resources on personal matters so I made it clear that I would handle that matter personally. I was worried that bluntly pointing out how Tarrk’s actions to save her family members had put a target on my own family might disturb her, but if it did she made no show of it. Good, that was something at least.

We were to prepare for an infiltration on the planet of Araveen, an Imperial planet that had recently been seized by Belikos. Apparently he was excavating for something with the code word: Ghosts of the Sith. Sith, apparently Belikos really was hunting for more Jedi magic, or in this case jedi technology which likely wasn’t any better. He had ‘recruited’ a professor, Kiya Farshani to make sense of whatever it was that he was excavating and seemed to be keeping her as securely as possible. Our mission was to save the professor if possible, eliminate her if we must and stop Belikos’ from getting whatever it was he was hoping to find there. Belikos seemed to be readying an attack and he seemed to believe this artifact would give him the advantage that he would need. That could not be allowed to happen.

As Director Jatru finished his briefing, he left us alone, presumably with the intent of mending ties. No more, I had been reminded of what come of such ties one too many times. I turned to leave and Tarrk did the same. I continued work as I made preparations. While doing so, the good doctor came by to evaluate me. He had taken notice of the fact that I worked considerably longer hours than most on the base, which he pointed out would give me a deluge of important information and leaving me in an excellent position should I ever want to betray them.

I was for a moment unsure if the man was trying to have me join him in a conspiracy or trying to gauge if I would betray them or not. I explained that even if I had wanted to commit to such actions, my life with the Empire was irrevocably over now that my name had been compromised. Intelligently, the man did not press me for answers; he knew I could fool him should I wish to. He claimed I frightened him and because of that, wanted me to promise him not to betray them. He made the argument that even if he knew that such promises would not stop me one way or another, at least I would feel bad about betraying such a vow. “A Gentleman’s agreement”. I accepted and could not help but smile slightly. I did indeed like that man.

Time passed much the same as it had before while we were preparing for the mission. We were going in as mercs, which meant I had to part with my current appearance. Perhaps just as well, there was no value in passing as an imperial anymore. New uniform and equipment had to be gathered, a new hairstyle grown and a few piercings to seal the deal. I had feathers from various birds of prey shipped in and woven into my hair and armour. And with that Sorath Felan was born. Heartless moneygrubbing mercenary or Scoundrel with a heart of gold, depending on what would be required of me as we set down on the planet.

Intel on the current state of Araween was quite sparse, not only due to it being an imperial world, but the planet seemed to have become even more inaccessible since Belikos focused his attention on it. For that reason, Leana Tarrk were to join us on the mission as she had had some experience on the planet and was also casually acquainted with Commander Han Ortega, the previous imperial in charge of the planet, before Belikos’ hound, Zekmet Darya had been unleashed and put in command. I was unsure about what to expect from Tarrk and her sister being on the same mission, Tarrk clearly had a soft spot for her sister, which might cause her previous lack of judgement to resurface.

Leana was in and of herself a security problem in that we did not know what to expect from her. Kyrios had promised he would get her around to serve the Republic, but he was no magician and she, like me was a loyalist at heart. But unlike me, she had been shielded from seeing the fall of the Empire after Endor. She still believed there was hope.

For that reason, after meeting with the other crewmembers, Cheol-Su, Xomae, Tarrk and I went outside to meet with the New Republics latest ‘recruit’. She, like the rest of us had been strapped into makeshift armour and left behind her Imperial appearance. Unlike the others who served as crew members, she had been assigned the role of a slave to make it easier for us to keep track on her.

I greeted her with a smile which to my surprise realized wasn’t fake. It was good to see her again, I always enjoyed working with professionals and she had proven herself back when I first met her at the Academy and again during her stay on Rakaa IV. Unfortunately, she was entirely untrustworthy. I asked if she would play nice, especially with her sister. Essentially I asked her to give a threat assessment of herself and her sister. She responded about as could be expected of someone being strong-armed into helping us. But she promised to do what she could and we went onboard the ship. As I did so I silently hoped that she wouldn’t try anything brave and patriotic during the mission. I hoped that I would not have to kill her.

The trip passed without much incident and soon we were in orbit above Araveen on our way to the small ‘city’ of Sal Sevag. There was little in ways of security to deal with, we simply greased some palms and landed safely inside the port. We needed access to Ten Vares where we would be able to get in contact with Ortega and learn more about where the professor was being held. But to get past its security we needed information and we needed friends. I sent Tarrk out along with Xomae to gather information and look for work we could do to build up a reputation while I, Leana and Cheol-Su did the same.

This was different from Rakaa IV. There Sidland Rowker needed to befriend practically everyone and slowly inch closer towards the goal. Here I didn’t need a lot of friends, I needed the right friends. Having too many friends here might even be a liability and make me seem suspicious, therefore I kept my distance to most people but was able to circle in on one of the major community figures in the area, a Nautolan named Rosto Flax.

It was immediately clear that the man was talented. He understood the value of convincing people of something while making it seem it was their own idea from the start. He seemed to be tied to most people of importance in the area, but his talents also made him potentially dangerous. I approached him and explained my interest in finding employment for me and my crew. After some deliberation, Flax suggested to go on a hunting expedition with a Stormtrooper commander named Arneefa Zarr, and if possible, find a missing combat droid of his that had gone missing.

I left the meeting with a feeling of mild apprehension. There were a lot of things he was not telling me. That in and of itself was not strange, but I could not shake the feeling that we were walking into a trap of sorts.

That feeling did not improve when we met our client, Arneefa Zarr, drinking heavily while on duty. Leana was shocked by this which again showed her naiveté of the current state of the Empire. After ‘proving myself’ to Zarr, she recruited us to go hunting a beetle –like creature on the planet called a Netch and arranged to meet her as soon as I readied my party. The Netch was rumored to be quite dangerous even with a full squad going after it. Even Cheol-Su found it curious that flax would send us out on such a dangerous mission with a drunken Stormtrooper.

Dear god, if even Cheol-Su had a bad feeling about it, things truly did seem grim.

Marion Tarrk Episode 4 Part 2
The Drunk Stormtrooper

The Drunk Stormtrooper
Well, that just happened.

The team was gearing up to leave, when the stormtrooper Arneefa Zarr joined them. She was still drunk. Is on duty? Even if she isn’t… We’re going out to hunt, are we not?, Marion looked at her for a second, before she went back to looking over the Mule, their speeder. She finished up, and went to gear up. Xomea was left in the ship with AR, while the rest of the went out in the desert.

Zarr asked Marion to step on it, so Marion did. She going so fast through the landscape, that boulders, who were supposed to land in front of the craft, almost landed on top of them. Marion managed to expertly dodge the boulders, and turn around to go up where the people who pushed the rocks at them were. They turned out to be a group of trandoshans, most likely under the employ of the jawas. They also had Clone Wars era personal walkers. While our team opted for diplomacy, the stormtrooper did not agree. She fired a shot, and the battle that ensued was not long. Then the team set out again, hunting the bug creature called a netch.

Before long they came across some wrecked imperial vehicles, which Sloane suggested we stop and investigate. Sloane seemed to have idea of where it went, down the canyon. So the team continued down the canyon. It was not far before the creature was spotted. They set up to kill it. The creature rammed the mule, but the team was able to dispatch the creature, before any serious damage was dealt to it. Zarr got out of the vehicle, to scavenge her trophies. But as she finished, the team noticed that the tinier bugs, that follow the bigger creature, were swarming towards them. The victory quickly turned into a chase, as the team realized that the bugs were in a blood frenzy. Marion sped towards the exit of the canyon, where the trandoshans were waiting. Some quick thinking from Marion’s part allowed her to pass between them, and much of the swarm stayed with the trandoshans. Thanks to that, Marion was able to lose the rest. Sloane suggested they go back for the droid, so Marion turned, even though Zarr complained. Sloane was able to convince her, however.

Marion went back through a different opening, close to where Sloane had seen a crack in the wall. Marion attempted to enter, but the entrance was narrower than she estimated and got stuck. Well, that could’ve gone better., Marion thought as the droid walked out and met up with them. Sloane shouted to it that we were friends of Flax, and it came aboard. On the way back the droid was able to confirm that we were sent to fetch it, so it elected to just shoot, and kill, Zarr. Surprised, the team just looked to Sloane, for confirmation of whether or not this was the actual mission. But, he seemed as oblivious to it as the rest of them were. They worked with it, however. And left the corpse of Zarr for the blood frenzying, near the trandoshan corpses.

They returned to the city, and went to check up on Flaxx. The droid was able to get them into the cantina, where Flax was sitting with Ares Ventrak, the imperial officer of the city. Flax went straight with them, and said that they has started a resistance. They were trying to help the zabraks against the attempts of the empire. We laid some of our cards on the table, Leana was outed as not a slave to Sloane, but as someone with a history with the commander, Han Ortega. They set up to go to Ten Vares, the next morning. Ares and Flax stepped out of cantina area, to discuss further, while we were told to stay the night. Flax made it clear that it was an invitation, but the guards make it seem more like an order., Marion thought to herself, looking about the room. Marion sat down at the bar and took Flax up on the offer to have some drinks on the house.

It was not long until Leana sat down next to her. Leana wondered about the coat. For someone who talks a lot about family, she doesn’t seem to understand what the word means to me, anymore., Marion thought to herself, while they spoke. Leana seemed more upset with Marion, as she got up and left her. I guess this whole “repairing our relationship”, is going to harder than I thought… But, I can’t just pander to her. Oh well, either it will solve itself, or it won’t., Marion thought to herself, taking a heavy shug on her alcohol.

Marion Tarrk Episode 4 Part 1
The Return of the Zabraks

The Return of the Zabraks
What are plans, really?
Marion was back on homebase. The previous mission weighed heavy on Marion, as she went through the physical and mental evaluations. She had endangered the mission, to save her sister. She had given vital information to the enemy. Her conversation with her sister was weighing heavy in her mind. I don’t need you, anymore, she had said to Leana. That’s not what I meant., she thought to herself. She thought about the past, about her and her sister. How Leana and Marion always got into trouble, but Leana was always there to bail Marion out. Marion shook her head. I was 5… That was a long time ago, things have changed!, she tried to convince herself. I was so happy for her when she left the academy.. While Marion had felt lonely after Leana left the academy, she was determined to take care of herself. And she did. Things didn’t go according to plan… But, I was okey., Marion thought to herself. It’s that I don’t need her, it’s that I don’t her in that way anymore. Clearing this up made Marion cheer up again, enough to think about other things, at least. She remembered her dream where Cheol-Su, in a very odd armour, had shot Leana. Marion needed to know if that had really happened. However, as soon as she could confront Cheol-Su, she was called in to be debriefed by director Jatru. Sloane was there was as well. Things were still quite awkward between Marion and Sloane, but she could always count on him to be professional. He is a former ISB agent, after all.

After the meeting, Marion went to the gym looking for Cheol-Su. Marion confronted her about shooting Leana. Cheol-Su didn’t know who she was at the time, just that she was an imperial soldier. Marion thought she would be upset with Cheol-Su. But she couldn’t. She was a soldier, following an order. A sensible order, at that. Instead, the two ended going out. Cheol-Su was very experienced with the cantinas on the planet, and brought Marion around for drinks. Cheol-Su managed to get some action, while Marion sat in a corner drinking. As Cheol-Su returned she asked Marion why she didn’t partake, as Marion was barely drunk. Marion wasn’t really in the mood, she appreciated what Cheol-Su was trying to do. She wasn’t sad though, she was oddly happy. But she knew she had no right to be, after what she did. However, through the days she spent on Rakaa IV, she learnt a great many things. About herself, and about what the word family means. Even the monsters, the Rakaa, had taught her something valuable about family. She had managed to find her last living blood relation, even if said relation now hates her, and she had re-united properly with Ran. Marion also felt that she had grown as a soldier, she had found her weakness. She was unsure if it was a weakness she wanted, or even could, remove. But she was not going to let it be used again. Cheol-Su asked her why she was being so resistant. Marion explained what had happened with Ran. I don’t know what it is, if it is anything… But if it is, I want to protect her., she had told herself. Cheol-Su seemed to be satisfied with the answer, even if she seemed somewhat confused by it.

It was not many days after this, that command contacted Marion about a mission. Belikos had occupied an imperial planet searching for ancient sith artifacts, that they had name ‘ghosts of the sith’. Sounded like a fairytale to Marion. Hers and Sloane’s mission was to infiltrate, find and rescue an archeologist by the name of Kiya Farshani. Sloane was disturbed by Marion’s presence on the mission, and questioned it. Marion couldn’t blame him. She also did not comment back, as she knew that Sloane would be professional about it, regardless. The team was to pose as a crew looking for work. The two had some liberty with picking their members, and settled with Xomea and Cheol-Su. To Marion’s surprise, Leana was coming on the mission, as she had valuable intel on the planet. The planet in question was Araveen, a zabrak world. Marion’s memories of the last time she was a zabrak world trickled through her mind. I understand the zabrak on the other planets are very different., she told herself.

Marion geared herself up, and went to check out the ship. _Enviro gear would be useful… But, the overwhelming risk of being shot is high… _, she thought to herself as she was looking over gearing options. The republic did not currently have a spare armor that she could use, since either Republic standard gear, or imperial stormtrooper gear, was out of the question. She had to go down to the market, and purchase her own. She geared up, and sighed. I look like a friggen bounty hunter wearing this., she shook her head and accepted it. She left to prep the ship. Xomea was already waiting in the ship. Cheol-Su joined them before long. But not before Leana. Marion was glad to see her, but it was clear that Leana was not glad to see Marion. Leana ignored Marion, and Marion shrugged it off. Can’t blame her… Perhaps things’ll lighten up during the mission., Marion thought to herself, and went into the cockpit, to began pre-flight.

The journey was not long, and it was rather quiet. From Marion’s point of view, it was like the entire ship could sense the awkward tension between her and Leana, and her and Sloane. Though, Sloane was back to his usual self of… being who ever he needed to be for the mission. That’s Sloane, ehm, Fellen for you., Marion smiled and shook her head. They received landing permission, and split up to look for information and job opportunities separately. Xomea with Marion, and the other two with Sloane. Marion and Xomea found little in terms of opportunities, but they did find an angry zabrak in the market. As it turned out, apparently the jawas were picking up weapons, heirlooms, from dead zabraks in the desert, and keeping them for ransom, selling them back at ridiculous prices. Marion attempted to settle the situation, before it got bloody, but more zabrak’s turned up. They seemed to taunt the first zabrak, named Barsok, into a fight. This was not the plan… But what are plans really?, Marion shook her head, as she watched. Three versus one…? These zabraks truly are different, is there no honour here?, she thought to herself, stepping up next to Barsok. The two quickly defeated the three zabrak. The jawas had fled during the confusion, and it seemed like law enforcement was closing in. So Marion and Xomea left, following where the jawas went. Meeting the jawas was fairly unfruitful. She managed to confirm that the jawas was taking the weapons, and using them as ransom. But also started suspected that the empire was behind it, ultimately. Other than that, she mostly managed to make an enemy.

The team reconvened in the ship, and compared notes. Sloane had successfully gotten them a job, taking a stormtrooper into the desert, to hunt a dangerous creature. But also to find a droid in the desert, that belongs to a merchant name Rosto Flax…

Corran Sloane, Episode III: Revenge of the Stormtroopers, Part 6
Where everybody knows your name

I studied Marion’s unconscious form after the Ithorian doctors were done with her. Kyrios had tortured her, likely both physically and mentally, she had been shot, stabbed and all manner of different things besides. And she had broken. She had leaked valuable intel that had nearly cost me the mission, my life as well as that of several other New Republic operatives. Not to mention the damage it might do if the information was sent off world.

This was different from Coruscant. There I had waved around my name, almost like a flag. Hell, I wanted Belikos to know I was there. It was exceedingly unlikely that anyone who had known me, anyone who read my files or heard of me would suspect me of treachery. It would be far more likely for him to suspect that another faction was actively working against him. That would force him to be more cautious, he would have to second guess alliances amongst the other imperial factions. It would slow him down. Now that my name was tied to the New Republic however, none of that would matter.

I did not hate the girl though, not really. Annoyed, angry, disappointed and a myriad of other minor emotions, of course, but it was not merely positive attachments that could be dangerous, negative ones could be just as harmful if not more so. Like it or not, she had reminded me of the dangers of getting too close to people. It seemed likely that it was due to bonds like that that caused Marion to abandon her squad and to reveal her secrets. It’s even possible, if there is any veracity in the rumors surrounding Lord Skywalker, that it was because of such bonds that the Empire fell. Likely mere hearsay but a cautionary tale nonetheless.

I had grown soft, and I had to refocus. There could be no emotion, no ignorance, no passion, no chaos if we were to achieve peace. I had to be detached from the Galaxy if I were to serve it.

That did not mean however that I intended to excuse Marion’s actions. She had proven herself unfit for this line of work. If she was unwilling to put her emotions aside, then she would continue to be a danger to those working alongside of her. I told her as much as she finally woke up. I explained what her actions had caused us, the deaths of the New Republic soldiers who had attacked their new base and at least in part, the damage she had caused me, personally.

She quietly accepted my statements and apologized but that wasn’t what I wanted from her, I wanted her commitment to something greater than herself or mere personal attachments. I updated her on the situation and then left her to attend to more important business.

Three days had passed since Marion’s rescue and I had spent most of that time debriefing high command on the various factions, key individuals as well as assisting in digging up information on family members, friends and other contacts of Banu Goshasp. Now I finally had to set my business in order and wrap up any loose ends. I met with Vendi one final time. I told her it was time for me to leave. For someone as Vendi, she did seem genuinely saddened by my departure. Again I was reminded of how easy it would be to simply start a life anew, but instead of indulging in useless what ifs, I continued outlining what was to be done with the cantina. For now I would let Meezot run it in my name. While discussing a new deal Vendi pointed out the dead Twi’lek girl. She had seen me talking to her after leaving her apartment and overheard some of our conversation. She seemed ro assume I had been the one who killed her. She was ready to use that suspicion as part of her bargaining chips for the new deal. She didn’t allow personal relationships to interfere with business, I respected that.

I doubted she would actually try and get my arrested and even if she did, there was nothing she could do prove either mine or Cheol-Su’s part in her death, even so I adjusted the rate somewhat in her favor as a sign of good faith and with that I left her, never return there again.

I returned to what was previously the Governor’s palace, now used as an improvised New Republic headquarters. There I spoke with general Etras, where he briefed me on the current situation. Stormforce had retreated to a crashed star destroyer. The ship was far too damaged for them to escape in, but it’s turrets were enough to keep any ground based invasion force at bay, at least until reinforcements arrived. By then, they would likely be able to disappear into the jungle and once again we would have to relaunch our efforts in tracking them down.

The suggested solution was a suicide mission. I along with another operative was to infiltrate the ship, accessing it through a vulnerability in its rear, posing as one of its crewmembers and install one of Doctor Slorren’s devices into the mainframe computer. That should deactivate the turrets and fry what remained of the ships electronics. Then presumably get shot and killed on the spot. It was perhaps not an ideal plan, but it was all we had.

To get inside we needed someone to guide me through the jungle and with options fairly limited, the obvious choice was Marion. I objected, pointing out that she was compromised, she had already displayed that she was unable to remove her own feelings for the sake of the mission, and her feelings towards Kyrios was not hard to notice. But alas there was no one else but he assured me that should she become a liability I was free to abandon her. And so I left to prepare.

They had captured two stormforce soldiers and I had an short conversation with one of them, giving a basic understanding of his speech patterns and mannerisms. I was given his uniform and Marion was given the other. After a quick debriefing with doctor Slorren where he gave me his device, I went to commission tools and weapons that I might need and before long me and Marion was onboard a small landspeeder, being dropped deep inside the jungle.

There was very little talk, no banter. I listened to Marion’s instructions, asked questions when necessary but other than that we moved in silence. The silence only enhanced the noises of the jungle and I could not wait to leave the place behind me. After walking for a good while, Marion arranged the canoe we had brought with us and we spent the rest of the trip paddling across the river. As the sun began to set, Marion steered the canoe in amongst the fallen off debris from the ship. Marion tied a rope around us and jumped across the debris towards land, but by doing so, stirred up the platforms behind her. For the first time so far I objected against Marion’s instructions favoring instead a under-barrel grapnel launcher that I had had installed for this mission. Sadly I couldn’t get a good purchase from where I stood so I ended up having to jump skip along the platforms anyway.

Marion began scaling the wall and after eventually finding a part of the ship that wouldn’t easily come off, I followed after her, into a fight with a group of bizarre, bird looking creatures spewing acid from their mouths. It seemed as though my failed grapple attempts had drawn their attention. We promptly shot them down and went further in. There were many more of the creatures nesting there and we drew the attention of a few more of them. After dispatching them, I found a path that would steer us clear of them and we hurried through it as more and more of them were beginning to take notice of us.

Finally inside the ship proper we soon encountered a few Stormforce guards, we split up and while Marion slipped away unnoticed, I drew their attention. I took on the role of the captured soldier, and first tried to explain my being there through reason, but noticing the temperature of the room, I redirected my story to instead a target more base emotion, fear. That was something both of the guards could understand and left me to be on my way without any further questioning.

I joined Marion and we steered towards the technician’s living quarters. We went inside and luckily there was only one person in the room. A woman resting her body and mind after what I could only assume a hard day’s work. I shot her, hid her in one of the beds and stripped down and put on one of the technician’s uniforms.

We continued to the control room, everything so far had been going well; all that was left was to get inside, place the device and get out. As the doors slid open, it immediately became clear that that plan was a failure, Kyrios Moto was there and immediately questioned our presence. We had to improvise, I gave the device to Marion and tried to buy her as much time as I could.

Unsurprisingly, I had barely begun concocting my lie when Kyrios shot me. He had had years to learn the names, speech patterns and dialects of everyone in his command. He even noticed Marion as she quietly made her way up towards the mainframe computer. Hopefully as he and the guards focused their attention on me, Marion could go for the computer. I saw Marion readying her rifle, fearing that she would once again get caught in her feelings I called out to her to finish the mission, and so she did. She put her rifle away and with an impressive leap swept up the ladder to the upper platform and in one quick motion, jammed the device into the mainframe.

Everything went dark, Slorren had lived up to his word and had truly turned off the power of the entire ship, the only light source being the blaster fire from the Stormtroopers inside. They were good, even in near total darkness they still found their mark. We were going to die.

Unless… The Stormtroopers were likely to lay down their lives for the cause, but I doubted that Kyrios would. Putting more confidence in my voice than I felt, I told him to stand down, he had lost. He could kill us, but that would mean his death as well, his best option was to come with us freely.

He barely wavered a second. He ordered his men to stand down and with a bright smile that never touched his eyes formally surrendered and swore loyalty to the New Republic. His smile grew wider however as he focused on me and informed me that he had already contacted the Shadow Council. Soon the Empire would know of my betrayal, soon my name would be worth nothing.

Then he turned to Marion, smiling brightly as he taunted her, daring her to shoot him. He admitted that he should have simply killed her, but emotional attachments had led him to this fate. Marion was visibly struggling with herself, but settled for merely clobbering him in the face with the butt of her gun. Against New Republic protocols, harming a surrendered foe, but Kyrios almost seemed pleased by it, seeing that he could still play with her. I called him down, these squabbles were not important.

The suicide mission had been an overwhelming success, we had disabled the ship and Calo Syd went on to lead the New Republic soldiers to an overwhelming victory against the confused and unprepared Stormtroopers. Kyrios Moto had surrendered and was all too willing in assisting the New Republic.

And Corran Sloane, agent of the Imperial Security Bureau, loyal member of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, was now a known traitor across the galaxy.

Corran Sloane, Episode III: Revenge of the Stormtroopers, Part 5
And they're always glad you came

My conversation with Syd provided me with one other unexpected and critical piece of information. Syd had retrieved a long distance communication device from Stormforce and he complained that instead of using it to track down Stormforce activity it was collecting dust amongst the other equipment at the New Republic storage facility.

Getting access to that device quickly became my primary goal, and after quickly planning the raid with Odell I went to see Raveem. I met him right as he was closing up shop, I convinced him to take me inside for the sake of privacy. I explained to him that the Colonists were attacking the Burning Diamonds and it was best to stay indoors until the fighting was over. With the gang taken care of, the only real threat we had was Stormforce, which gave an excuse to ask about the device and to make sure it was still there.

Raveem complied and I was pleased that I did not need coerce the man as he showed me the room. It was clearly in frequent use, despite Syd’s claims and the com-device was displayed on the center table. It was quite battered but I recognized the model and while pretending to admire it, carefully placed a surveillance device inside one of its cracks. I was about to head out as Raveem absentmindedly mentioned the log of the people going in and out. I heard guards walking along the corridors outside but decided to risk it and had him show me the log. The Governor came here every 3 days at the same time. Her last visit was 3 days ago…

I tried to make a hasty retreat with Raveem but it wasn’t hasty enough. One of the Governess’ guards heard us and so I had my second meeting with Miss Goshasp that day. I explained how it was all a misunderstanding and that we had simply taken our conversation inside to stay out of the ongoing conflict. She seemed to think I wasn’t a threat but her ire seemed instead to be directed at Raveem and brought him with her for further questioning. The guard led me outside and I went to make sure my arrangement with Zatveega didn’t get my bodyguard killed.

I had already warned Cheol-Su that she was about to get ambushed and while she did not seem to enjoy the way I had arranged things, seemed content to settle the score with Zatveega. My bodyguard was a terrible liar however and so I didn’t tell her that I would be there as back up. I dressed up in colonist garb, the hat and scarf hiding most of my features and waited for Zatveega to attack Cheol-Su. I didn’t have to wait long, my bodyguard came waltzing along in the alleyway and soon Zatveega was there with a couple of thugs. She kept her word and at least initially fired at Cheol-Su with her rifle’s stun setting but it was what she had planned afterwards that made me uncertain, that and how closely she was tied to The Governor. I figured I’d first even the odds and used the stun grenade I got off the body of one of the Burning Diamonds, but it was yet another dud. That was genuinely disconcerting, that’s the second time that had happened and those grenades definitely came from New Republic warehouses. Was someone selling the New Republic faulty ammunition?

As the blaster fight grew more hectic, I realized there was no time to be fancy, so I shot the Twi’lek in the head. It was not a killing blow, but it ruined the girl’s pretty face. Cheol-Su launched a final barrage at her and she dropped to the floor, prompting her thugs to run away. Cheol-Su was torn on what to do with the Twi’lek but seeing how she didn’t know who I was due to my get up, finally asked me to get Zatveega to the hospital, and then went ahead to join the fight with the Bruning diamonds.

I leaned over the girl, gently turning her head over to one side to hide her injury. She really was exquisite; proud and talented. She looked quite young like this, without her stoic façade making herself look older. Her only real crime was allowing herself to be dragged into my theatrics and being at the wrong place and the wrong time. I could save her, but now she was a threat, her pride would not allow her to forget this and she would be coming after Cheol-Su, likely even after we left the planet. And so I killed her, stashed her body in a garbage pile in the alley way and returned to being the laughing and charming Sidland Rowker, host and owner of the most prestigious seedy cantina on Rakaa IV.

The raid on the Burning Diamonds had gone well and the gang seemed to have been largely stamped out. The colonists celebrated back at the cantina and even Calo Syd made an appearance, sitting alone in one of the corners. They knew that there was no real safety for them as long as Stormforce were still out there, but that night, they celebrated.

As the colonists sang their tunes and unsteadily danced their dances, I idly thought about how easily I could simply leave this type of work behind me, start up a new life, a new identity, start a family and simply grow old and let the Galaxy sort out its own mess.

I smiled ruefully to myself, that’s probably what a sane person would dream about in my position. I’d likely blow my brains out within the first week of such a gambit. I thought about the Twi’lek bounty hunter, I probably should have felt more about her murder than I did, but in truth I barely felt anything. There was the Assignment and nothing else, there wasn’t room or need for anything else.

My work isn’t very nice, but I’m quite good at it. I don’t particularly enjoy manipulating people, nor do I enjoy killing, scaring or even seducing them, but as I sat there at the cantina that I now owned, surrounded by friends who didn’t know me, celebrating our victory against enemies I never cared about, I did feel the ingrained satisfaction of a job well done. My work might not be very nice, but I do like it, after all, it’s all I’ve got.

The next three days were largely inconsequential, they largely focused maintaining and strengthening contacts but I got no closer to the Governor. I did not dare to act rashly since she was likely suspicious of me due to our last meeting. Then finally, during the evening 3 days after I had placed the device, I finally got what I was looking for. A conversation between Goshasp and a member of Stormforce, possibly even Kyrios Moto himself. My eagerness was dampened however as the man told the Governor that they had caught Marion. Any unwanted feelings of worry about her were quashed as he continued his report. She had betrayed me, not only me but the rest of the New Republic. She had warned them of a sabotage attack against them, as well as intel on members of her crew… and she had given them my name. Kyrios Moto had access to the Shadow Council, he could easily spread that information across Imperial space and my military record that I had spent the vast majority of my life carefully constructing and polishing and which was currently my strongest weapon against them, would be ruined.

More pressingly however, it would not take long for the Governor to realize that I was Sidland Rowker and would soon send men after me. I sent an emergency com-signal to Director Jatru and sent over the conversation. That should be sufficient evidence, at least to conduct a more thorough investigation. The Director assigned a small crew of soliders to depose her, while I went into hiding.

I asked what was to be done regarding the traitor, and he explained that if possible, we should ideally rescue her as she was still an asset, which I agreed with. I along with Cheol-Su and AR-47 was sent to the Ithorian church for refuge and to get contact with the rest of Tarrk’s team, that she apparently abandoned.

I met Jaxx and Xomae at the entrance and as I walked in, I once again met High Priest Quahp Chuwmurlq. He was displeased about the amount of people with busted kneecaps I had been sending to his hospitals, but he admitted that I had kept to my promise, if only in the most literal sense of it. He agreed to shelter us within the church until the New Republic reinforcements arrived. The junior agents showed me to a safe room downstairs where I met Doctor Vetko Slorren, he seemed utterly unemotional and only seemed to care about his job. I rather liked the man.

He showed me the effects of the explosion he had arranged, and that Marion had warned them about. Had it come as a surprise, it was sure to have taken out most of their defenses, not to mention killing a sizeable portion of their technicians, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Based on the communication feed, that was no longer the case seeing as how they were already on the move. I questioned the two junior agents why they had not stopped Tarrk when they could. They claimed that doing so would be insubordination, which was true, but allowing her to indulge her lunacy of walking into the enemy camp was far worse. They were however not technically officially deployed so I suppose they weren’t insubordinate or anything, just foolish.

They explained that she had gone after them because she had found proof that her sister was stationed inside the base and went there to save her. Leana Tark, that was a name I had not heard in a long time and it likely explained how Kyrios had gotten his information. Kyrios Moto, I had heard a lot of things about the man and his promotion to moff, despite his young age seemed to have been well earned. In fact, he had been somewhat of an inspiration for many of us back in the day and I did not fault Tarrk for not withstanding his interrogation, I faulted her for not having the good sense to bite off her tongue when it became clear that she was going to break.

At any rate, seeing as how the transmission had just happened, they were likely travelling to their new base at that very moment, meaning that perhaps it would allow us to track their movement to the new base, and if possible, find Tarrk. To do so we needed a ship and our best bet would be The Skaven. We made our way out and Xomae and Cheol-Su kept any New Republic troopers wanting to apprehend us off our back and quickly made our escape into the jungle.

It took quite some time and the good doctor calibrated his instruments as we went. Finally in a clearing we saw what could only be a blaster fight between Stormtroopers and the natives. The Stormtroopers were losing and I considered the possibility of taking some of them alive for questioning when Jaxx pointed out that Tarrk was amongst them. With the group clearly separated from the main force it was likely the best shot we were going to get.

Jaxx took the ship unsteadily as close down as he could, and I, Xomae, and Cheol-Su leaped out. There was a woman clutching the unconscious Tarrk close to her as she tried but failed to keep one of the monstrous natives from getting to them, Leana Tarrk then. I called out, hailing the empire and then set about to cull the natives along with the others. I managed to get to my ‘partner’ and rammed a stim pack into her. Xomae and Cheol-Su dispatched the last remaining natives and I called for Leana to join us back at the ship but she did not seem to want to leave the others behind and wanted us to regroup with the others. So I had Cheol-Su shoot her. This understandably alerted the nearby Stormtroopers but Tarrk mowed them down leaving me to take down the last straggler.

We brought the unconscious woman and the traitor with us and took off as quickly as possible. Tarrk had gone back to unconsciousness almost immediately upon setting foot on the ship with her sister so there was not much questioning to be done. Instead we left the planet to await orders from High Command.

A few hours later we were alerted that the now former Governor, Banu Goshasp had been arrested and the mission had been a success. I should be pleased with this, the Assignment was over but I could not shake the uneasiness of knowing that Stormforce were still out there preparing to regroup. And they had my name.

Corran Sloane, Episode III: Revenge of the Stormtroopers, Part 4
People are all the same

After closing up shop I awoke late the next morning to AR-47 letting me know that Vendi wanted to have a meeting with me over sprunch. I got myself ready and went to see her along with Cheol-Su. I ran into Meezot right outside the cantina and he asked for an introduction. I did not really know Meezot yet and his part in the ongoing political landscape but didn’t see a reason not to and brought the two together, he had after all helped me get me in touch with the Colonists.

Vendi greeted him politely but sent him on his way. She wanted to discuss my recent endeavors, befriending Lexey and more importantly, my recruitment of the Colonists. She pointed out that they were a powerbase that no one else had manage to get control of, and if they joined up with her, her own position would be strengthened considerably, due to seemingly having a small army backing her.

This, I fear was Vendi’s great weakness. She was excellent with people and knew how to use her beauty, sexuality and charm at any given situation, but she failed to understand power politics and how to use large groups of people and not merely individuals. She essentially told me, that regardless of it being true or not, in the eye of the other players, I was currently in control of a small army, and she wanted me to simply hand that over to her because she asked me to.

She later invited me back to her place and spent a few hours with her. A part of me worried I was wasting precious time, but after leaving I felt at least confident that I had gained sufficient influence with her that I’d likely be able to use her should I need to.

As I left her apartment, I was suddenly cornered by Zatveega. She had taken me for an ambitious man and offered me a chance to meet with Calo Syd, a bounty hunter of some renown, and head of security on the planet. In exchange, she wanted payback on Cheol-Su. Cheol-Su had bested her in the fight back in the cantina and she feared that had lost her some of her standing on the planet. After making sure she promised not to cause any permanent damage on my property, I agreed and arranged a meeting with Syd the next day. With that I returned with Cheol-Su and spent the rest of the evening mostly tending to the mundane task of running a cantina.

Before meeting with Syd, I had a meeting set up with the Governor thanks to Lexey seemingly being excited about showing off his new friend. As I entered the lobby, I met Yuuzhak Talverr, a Falleen medical merchant who seemed to have an ongoing rivalry with Vendi. He asked me to petition the governor to fire Raveem so that he could become the new quartermaster. More and more people were starting to approach me, wanting me to use my influence to aid them. Now all I had to do was to decide who could best aid me with my current goals. I gave him a non-committal response, hoping it would appease him for now and continued to see the Governor.

I had hoped to try dazzle her with charm and banter but as I walked in to her office, I realized that that was not a winning tactic. She was a professional and despite her interest in Lexey, was neither vain nor stupid. I still put on my best smile and tried to appease her, but focused on reassuring her that I was not a threat to her powerbase and not an ally of those that were, such as Vendi and Talverr. I ignored Talverr’s request regarding the quartermaster since Raveem already owed me his life and viewed me as his friend. That was not a bond I would waste easily.

The meeting progressed well enough and I believe I made a reasonable impression but it was clear that she was cautious and it would take time for me to prove that she could trust me, time I likely did not have. I left the office and hurried off to arrive in time to meet Calo Syd.

I met the man as he was keeping an eye on the Burning Diamonds prisoners working as part of the Ithorian’s rehabilitation program or whatever it was that they called it. Syd was neither pleasant nor threatening and he had the posture of someone who knew he didn’t need to be. He was a professional and that was all that mattered and it was that professionalism I targeted. He had been called off from going after the Burning diamonds who he had officially been tasked to root out and it was a blemish on his record I suspected he wanted to get rid of.

I told him that the colonists had gotten emboldened by their recent victories against the Burning Diamonds at the cantina, and were preparing themselves to finally take the fight to them. I didn’t hire Syd or try to have him break his deal with the governor, all I offered him was a piece of the action, and that was all it took to get him on board.

Marion Tarrk EPisode 3 Part 6

The mission comes first

Marion wakes up back in the jungle, Sloane looking down at her. Cheol-Su also there. They came to save me! But just as things seems to stabilize, Cheol-Su raises her weapon to shoot Leana, who falls to the ground, dead.

With a gasp Marion wakes up in her hospital bed. Did I really see that? No, Leana lived… I took her to the ship, myself!, Marion tried to convince herself. Was Cheol-Su even there?, the dream confused Marion. However, before she could think on it further, she went back to sleep. Marion was exhausted, and her body far from the repaired. She was merely lucid when the ithorian doctors started patching her up, and re-hydrating her body. She tried asking about Leana and Ran, but it it didn’t seem as if the doctors understood, or had time to reply to her queries.

She woke up again, finally with her body feeling better. Again, she woke up to Sloane. Initially this made Marion happy. Sloane was someone Marion looked up to, he was not only a good teammate, but he had also saved her life more than once. But now, he had a grim face, and Marion remembered what she did. Going to save Leana she could justify, revealing the plan to Leana and Moto, she could justify… Telling Moto about Corren Sloane, she could not justify. Their conversation revealed just that, Sloane didn’t seem bothered about the other details, but saying his name had made him disappointed in her. She found out that Leana was being kept in the palace. Sloane never told her that she failed in her mission, but Marion already knew that much.

Marion was cleared not long after her conversation with Sloane, and went to visit Ran. Marion’s worry was that Ran would have been targeted by the Burning Diamond again, but it seems the actions of Sidren Roaker had given the Burning Diamond too much grief for them to focus on her. It seems Ran had also been touched somewhat by the words on the ithorians. Perhaps this “force” business has something to it… But I dunno, seems like a fairytale., Marion thought to herself. Ran even seemed to be considering joining the Republic. The conversation went on for a bit. Marion was exhausted, and couldn’t sort out of her feelings properly. In her confusion, Ran took initiative, and simply went in for a kiss. Somehow that cleared things up for Marion. Well, I was looking for clarity, seems I got it. Thank you, Ran., Marion thought to herself, actually having a tear fall down her cheek.

She exited with a smile, and her back on, as Jaxx ran into her. Geez, Jaxx… Hope this isn’t about a mission., Marion jokingly thought to herself. However, what he had to say was that Stormforce was hiding out in the jungle, and that command was having trouble properly locating, and taking down, their back-up base. They said they were looking for volunteers, as they couldn’t find anyone to lead the mission. I really don’t want to… But someone has to deal with Moto. Seems fitting it should be me, I guess., Marion contemplated whether or not volunteer. Either way, she was heading towards the palace.

Marion went to Calo Syd to get permission to visit her sister, and ran into him and general Etras. It seemed the general had a plan, based on a plan from doctor Slorren, that Syd thought was too risky. If Syd is opposed, I feel like it’d take too long for the Republic to send anyone else here to lead the mission. Fine, I’ll do it., she thought to herself, and then repeating the conviction outloud. She was cleared to visit her sister, in order to get information out of her. I don’t want to do this, but if it means I can see her, that’s enough., she thought to herself. Marion understood most of Leana’s anguish, having felt similar feelings at one point or another… But, she is a soldier. Loosing people, your family, is part of the deal. Blaming Marion, a fellow soldier, for killing them? Marion couldn’t relate… As much as she could feel pain, anger, and suffer for losing a comrade she would never blame her enemy. Marion had killed to many brothers, sister, lovers, family members, to ever feel like she could blame anyone else. That doesn’t mean that she didn’t feel anger towards her enemies for killing her friends and family. But, as a soldier, she could not relate to blaming your enemies, when they too are soldiers.

Marion left her sister, and was again face-to-face with doctor Vetko Slorren, as he explained the plan for her and Sloane, who was the other choice for the plan. Marion remembered him slapping her, but she couldn’t be sure if it actually happened, or if that was another dream, thus she didn’t press the issue. They were given a device that would knockout the main guns on the base, which was a crashed star destroyer. The two geared up in their stormtrooper disguises, with few words, and got into the dropship.

They were dropped off in the jungle, some way away from the base. Again, communication was kept to a minimum, and they set off into the jungle. At first, traveling on foot, to get a bit closer before using the canoo. They made their way through the river with little issue. And as they came up on the star destroyer, they saw that the back end of it was shattered, and the pieces were hanging down the side of the cliff, and in the water. Marion decided to moor the boat on the shore, and go across the metal debris. She tied a rope around herself, and tied one around Corren, but as she started to move, he had undo the knot. He had apparently brought a grappling hook. Useful device, hope it pays off. And that isn’t the cheap-crap variety that makes a lot of noise and refuses to connect., Marion thought to herself, nodding at Corren. The grappling hook seemed to be that second variety though, and Marion covered her face in her palm, and shook her head. He had to go over on the metal debris, anyway. He attempted the same to climb up the actual cliff wall. Marion just shook her head, as the grappling hook failed Corren again, and caused some local fauna to get stirred. Corren eventually made it up there, and they finished off the bugs. The entered the ship, and tried to sneak past the bugs that was inside of it. It turned into another fight, which they quickly finished off. Corren and Marion rushed out of the hanger and they finally entered the base proper.

They went past an area seemingly used as a storage room. Ahead there was some guards, they seemed to spot Corren, who went up to speak to them. Marion took ambush position, to see how the situation went. Corren seemingly was able to talk his way out of it, and Marion met up with him at the exist of the room. They quickly made it to the living quarters, in order to pick up an engineering badge. So as to enter the engine room, where they had to set off the E.M.P.. They were able to get another disguise for Corren, to pass off as an engineer, and headed for the engine room.

The worst thing happened as they entered, Moto was there. Moto asked Sloane why he was there, thinking he was an other engineer. Sloane figured out that he wouldn’t be able to talk himself out of this one, and gave the trigger to Marion. But before Marion was able to take position, Moto shot Sloane. That bastard!, before Marion had time to finish the thought she heard Sloane yell to go for the generator. In a moment of clarity, Marion swallowed her pride and anger, and there was calmness left. The mission comes first., she repeated in her mind as a mantra. Without thinking about it she speedily jumped up the ladder to the upper floor, and somehow made it all the way to the generator and unleashed the E.M.P.. Moto cleverly surrendered.

Marion went around to gather the stormtrooper’s rifles. Moto made a snipe comment, followed by a threat from Marion to not come any closer. Moto didn’t comply, so Marion rifle-butted him in the face. He lashed out, cursing her for lying. Marion’s finger was shaking with anger, she could feel the tears of anger closing in on her. But then she remembered Ran, and the kiss they shared, and she calmed down… No, I won’t give in to him, not this time… The mission comes first., she thought to herself as she controlled the anger making her fingers twitch.

The republic joined the fighting, and Stormforce was quickly overrun. In the aftermath Marion was able to find her coat again, unharmed. And thus her and Sloane returned to the ithorian city…

Marion Tarrk Episode 3 Part 5
The "Great" Escape

The “Great” Escape
This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go

Marion was hanging there. For how long? She couldn’t tell you. At first she tried to keep strong, by using the sun, and counting the minutes… But before long, she couldn’t concentrate properly on anything. She hung for a very long time, at least, before her sister came to visit. Marion’s heart skipped, as Leana asked to not charge her like Marion had tried to do against Kyrios. Marion was insulted at the thought. Leana tried to convince Marion to re-join the Empire. It’s sweet of her… It isn’t protocol. And they can’t trust me. But in giving me the opportunity, she’s showing that she cares, if only a little… I mean, they also need the troops., Marion was trying to convince herself. She saw her speak to Kyrios as she left. Marion was again left by herself. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go., she thought to herself, as Kyrios’ eyes locked with hers.

Kyrios came to see Marion later. Marion paid little attention to him. He told her that they would leaving soon, and he hoped that Marion would cooperate. What can I do…? I’m tired… Hungry… I feel like dying. What do you expect me to do?, Marion felt weak, but a burning desire woke up in her as he threatened Leana. But I will end you, Kyrios… That is a promise., a promise she etched into her very soul. She, somewhat, agreed to his request.

She was up there for some time more, contemplating her purpose, existence, and all other things you start thinking about when your mind is breaking, but you pull at every straw to keep it intact. The soldier came to take her down in order to move her to the new base. Six soldiers… Kyrios is smarter than I thought, he knew what I didn’t… Even in this state, I feel the fight in me., Marion felt the strength rise in her. She began building a plan in her min, but almost burst out laughing, in her weak form. Her mind was not as sharp as it would usually be, and every idea she had was dumber than the previous. She decided to wing it, instead.

Well outside, the soldiers started gearing up to move out. Marion’s guards showed her along. Marion was keeping her mind busy by coming with insane escape plans, to ensure that she wouldn’t collapse. But then it hit her! Collapsing… It would make sense, wouldn’t be out of the ordinary… And it could give me the chance I need…, she thought to herself. She enacted her plan when her group was moving around a tree a bit away from the caravan. She fell, and the soldiers began to go towards her, to pull her up, but instead they started yelling familiar terms. A T93… Aliens, likely the natives? WHAT THE!, Marion barely had time to finish the thought, when a large alien was right above her, engaging the stormtroopers. She used used the distraction to roll away, and hide in the forest. Now… I need to find my stuff., she thought to herself and scanned the caravan. She found the most likely vehicle for transporting gear. She got up to move over to it, but something happened. Her body was starting to fail her. No, not now… This is not how it was…, she didn’t have time to finish the thought, before she was out of it.

She woke up to a familiar sight… Yet again one of the bigger natives was pointing a spear towards her, as she woke up. Charades began again. Marion was able to figure out that the natives had figured out that the stormtroopers wanted her, and was going to set up an ambush, using her as bait. Marion responded that she too wanted to fight the stormtroopers as well. She asked for a weapon, but at first they resisted. However, eventually they agreed. Marion felt a bit weird about this. I’m setting up a trap for stormtroopers, with primitive arachnid-like creatures… In my underwear! This is not how I expected this day to go. Oh well, better make the best of it., Marion sighed to herself as she went along to set up the ambush.

She had been sneered in a very thin web, that she could easily break out of. They hid the blaster at the clearing, where the ambush was to take place. Afterwhich, they went off to lure the stormtroopers. Basically, the plan boiled down to waving Marion to the stormtroopers, in the hopes that they would follow. Marion figured this wouldn’t work, but she heard her sister’s voice calling out for squads to go with her. Oh no… That’s bad., Marion thought to herself. They got the location, and Marion got herself free, picked up her blaster rifle, and went for cover. As the trap was sprung, Marion stealthed around to where her sister was. Two natives were sliding down from above, and the stormtroopers hadn’t seen them yet. Right before the natives was about to leap down on the group, she shot one of the stormtroopers. One of the natives dropped onto Leana. Which caused Marion to charge in, getting between the creature and her sister. The creature attacked Leana again, however, by throwing it’s spear. Marion got in the way of it, getting knocked out in the process.

Marion woke up to the same battlefield, looking up at Sloane’s face. Sloane?! What is doing here? Did he come to save me? How did he even know I was out here?, she asked herself. She looked up, and the spear-native was still going at Leana. Marion shot at the creature, eventually taking it down. Leana had been taken out, and thus went to rescue her sister. The few remaining stormtroopers turned around, and started firing at the team. Xomea… Chel-su! They’re under attack!, Marion shot down the remaining stormtroopers, before going aboard their ship. She carried Leana to bed, before basically collapsing. She thinks she saw the doctor slapping her, as she went out, but she couldn’t be sure about it…

Corran Sloane, Episode III: Revenge of the Stormtroopers, Part 3
Sometimes you want to go...

I explained to Odell how having his gang protect my establishment would in turn protect themselves. It would give them a safe place to return to, to be entertained and to drink. I did not lie to the man, I didn’t need to. I simply worded things so that the deal heavily favored me while still making it seem as though I was doing them a favor.

I spent a good chunk of the night talking with the man, having him befriend Sidland Rowker. He seemed to be a ‘Good man’, and I enjoyed the conversation. He was also ideal for what I had in mind.

The next day I arranged for Cheol-Su to get patched up after the fight the day before and then had Meezot arrange a meeting with the governess lover, a man called Lexey Lee and the Administrator of the Teharu government. He was a vain fool, but an ambitious vain fool and easy to manipulate. He and Rowker quickly became friends; they had much in common, including taste in bodyguard. Apparently he was having an affair with ‘Zatveega’, his Twi’Lek bodyguard, which led me to invite them to the cantina.

My plan was to exploit their relationship and hopefully create an opening for me to get to the governor. That, and having Lexey as a public friend and patron could well be valuable. With that plan set in motion I began preparing with Cheol-Su and AR-47. The droid went about preparing to spike the drinks and Cheol-Su was given instructions to play nice and help out should I need assistance getting Lexey and Zatveega to get together.

Soon the doors were opened to the awaiting crowds for our second night and before long, Lexey, Zatveega and a group of Lexey’s friends joined us. The ‘Partay’ kept on and Lexey got increasingly more comfortable but Zatveega seemed to be a professional, keeping her distance and keeping watch, unlike my own bodyguard who seemed to think the spiked drinks were made for her as well.

After prodding Lexey about his ‘date’, he suggested a cat fight, because of course he did. As the two women began their little exhibition, a scared looking man entered the bar and approached us. It was Brenx Raveem, the quartermaster. Lexey had ditched an appointment with him to keep the burning diamonds off his back which had made them come after him…and followed him to the cantina.

Just as Cheol-Su won the match against Zatveega, albeit while losing her modesty, the burning diamonds burst through the door. And so the evening followed much the same routine as the previous. They had brought more men this time, but not many actual soldiers it seemed. The group was led by a Quarren who initially seemed to want to go after the quartermaster, but after I shot off one of his tendrils, sadly his attention shifted over to me. The fight was brief but intense and I took my share of nicks and bruises but before long, we, Cheol-Su, myself and some of Odell’s colonists had cleaned up our uninvited guests.

Neither Lexey nor Zatveega had assisted in the fight, both of them prioritizing keeping Lexey safe, but it seemed that Lexey in particular had gotten impressed and excited by the ordeal, and brought his bodyguard in to one of the private booths to ‘vent some steam’. As I began to make arrangements to immortalize their union on holovid, I met up with Raveem. He had wanted to get a hold of Lexey but since I didn’t want him getting disturbed, volunteered instead, subtly highlighting that I was happy to have been there to save his life. This seemed to have been enough to win his trust and suddenly a torrent of information flew out of him.

First of all, it seemed that I had made a miscalculation. The Governor was not the jealous kind after all and had in fact been the one who set Lexey up with Zatveega in the first place. Zatveega’s loyalty seemed to be to her, rather than Lexey. Secondly, he began opening up about the burning diamond threats to him and how Lexey and the Governor kept ignoring his pleas. He also told me about the relationship between the Governor and the leader of the Burning diamond gang, Yasmee Telari. Apparently they knew each other from back during the Empire, something that had not been mentioned during the briefing, interesting.

I spent the rest of the evening helping the man writing a stern message to the governor as well as having Rowker befriend him. That, and arranging for a new set of pants for him to use due to an unfortunate accident during the shootout.


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